COVER REVEAL: Killian by Jessamyn Kingley (Excerpt)


Book Title: Killian (Twisted Tales of D’Vaire, Book 1)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Genre: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Trope: Fated mates

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  96 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.

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For two soulmates, a single twist of fate can change everything. 


In 1369, Killian the Dwyer is a young druid still learning to rule his people. His journey is aided by his peers. Two years ago, Killian accepted an opportunity to join a council of respected leaders. Which is why, on one fateful day, Killian and his fellow leaders venture to a castle of dragons. 

Their intent is to build an alliance—what they find is death. But that is not all Killian discovers. Standing alone in a garden is a shy dragon with scales of a deep dark green—Killian’s favored hue. The shifter’s name is Duke Dravyn D’Vairedraconis, and he is Killian’s mate.

Dravyn knows little about the world. At four, he lost his parents and his uncle made him into a servant. Now, Dravyn is standing across from a sorcerer, and Killian’s magic scares him and his beast. Although he cannot deny that Killian is beautiful, Dravyn has no words to convey the mixture of emotions brewing in him.

Hours after Killian leaves the castle, a twist changes everything. Soon, more than fear separates Killian and Dravyn. Obstacles stand between them, but Fate has already paired their souls. What are they willing to sacrifice to honor the goddess and the tug of their hearts?


Killian’s lips tingled. It was a pleasant feeling, and he grinned at the blushing Duke in front of him. 

“Your mouth is addictive,” Killian said.

To his delight, Dravyn’s cheeks went pinker, and he shuffled his feet. Thankfully, Dravyn kept his deep green gaze locked on Killian’s. Thanks to the great studying Killian had done of Dravyn in their slowly growing acquaintance, he’d learned that the moment the shifter grew uncomfortable his eyes hit the ground. Killian detested it whenever Dravyn’s shoulders stooped or he bowed his head.

From what Killian had learned of Dravyn’s life thus far, the man had done nothing to deserve such innate reticence about asserting himself or feeling comfortable in his own skin. Killian’s hands curled into fists as he thought about the many years Dravyn had served as a servant due to greedy, unworthy dragons.

“Shift whenever you are ready,” Killian said to Dravyn.

To Killian’s amusement, in the glow of the golden light he’d provided them in the dark, Dravyn’s ears turned a deep red. 

Dravyn’s chin hit his chest. “I will need a bit of privacy to shift.”

Although Killian would have preferred to watch Dravyn peel off his clothing so he could see every inch of his thickly muscled body, he was unsurprised at the Duke’s words. 

“I understand,” Killian assured him with a quick peck on one pink cheek.

Dravyn’s mouth twisted for a second, then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Killian’s. That was an invitation Killian refused to ignore, and he cupped the bare skin of Dravyn’s neck underneath his tangled mess of dark locks to kiss him more deeply. Just like the first time, Dravyn set Killian aflame. Killian was not unexperienced, but no one had ever come close to driving him to the edge of madness—and they had barely touched. 

Killian’s eager mind threatened his sanity with images of him lying intertwined with Dravyn. To keep himself from tugging at Dravyn’s clothing himself, Killian ruthlessly shut down that train of thought and waited for his mate to shyly end their embrace. Stepping back, Dravyn smiled.

“I should go shift now,” Dravyn said.

“I’ll wait however long you need,” Killian replied, meaning every word. 

Dravyn sprinted off toward the copse of trees behind them. Rocking from heel to toe, Killian tried not to think about Dravyn removing his clothes so he wouldn’t do something stupid like chase him.

“Such dangerous beauty,” Killian murmured as Dravyn swooped down behind him so he would not run into any tall trees. Turning on his heel, Killian increased the glow of his lamp to better appreciate the way the light reflected off the dark scales of the magnificent creature in front of him. Killian stepped forward and laid a hand on the surprisingly sleek texture of dragonskin. “How do I get myself up?”

Dravyn stretched his legs out and bellyflopped into the dirt. It was such a surprisingly cute movement from such a grand dragon that Killian laughed. Then he tugged his cloak up and stretched a leg over Dravyn. It took some wiggling, but eventually, Killian’s bare feet dangled on either side of the beast’s curved back.

Before Killian could decide if he should be frightened, Dravyn thundered across the ground and flapped his enormous wings. They left the ground, and Killian threw his arms up as they went airborne. The wind whipped through his hair, tugging off his hood, and he grinned as they flowed through the cool night sky.

“This is incredible,” Killian shouted, and to his delight, Dravyn’s beast grumbled with what he hoped was an answering delight as they shared this wondrous experience together.

About the Author 

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

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