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MANGA: Migite ni Miemasunoga, Ore no Kareshi de Gozaimasu

Migite ni Miemasunoga, Ore no Kareshi de Gozaimasu – Utsumi Long

Miyata is a handsome tour guide in Kyoto working alongside the disheveled bus driver Shougo-san. Miyata is bored by his job and also highly dislikes his collegue, but when he finds Shougo-san weeping after being dumped by his girlfriend he strikes a conversation and notices the beautiful face underneath the shaggy hair and glasses. Follow the heartwarming pair as they both grow and learn to love each other.

To Your Right, You Will See My Boyfriend is a fantastic take on that oldie but goldie megane trick.

Miyata found his colleague Shougo drunkenly weeping because his girlfriend dumped him. When Shougo took off his eyeglasses, Miyata was awestruck by how beautiful he was! Upon learning of the bi-curious Shougo’s interest in anal, the out-and-proud Miyata immediately grabbed the chance because heck, our boy has been blue balling it for months. 

Thrilled to find that they had amazing sexual chemistry, Miyata decided to ask Shougo out. What’s a straight guy to do when dating a man for the first time?

For manga that starts with sex and is all about a happy sex life, this one is pretty wholesome. The romantic development is perfectly paced and one of the most well-executed. Shougo’s coming to terms with his sexuality and feelings for Miyata was heartfelt yet light-hearted, in keeping with the vibe of the manga.

Miyata is aware of his good looks and knows how to use it. Still, he is a loyal boyfriend and a generous lover, game to whatever sexual fantasy Shougo imagines. My favorite part about Miyata is how our boy is so damn proud of Shougo. He talks about him all the time! He would have shown off his boyfriend to all his friends had Shougo not been too shy.

That’s why the title is such. Miyata, the tour guide, proudly showing off his Shougo to the world. How freaking romantic is that!!!

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