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Fairford Affairs #3.5

by Bay Sinclair

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: May 16, 2024

Cover Design:

Florida Girl Design, Inc.

Genre: M/M Romance Novella Standalone

Trope: Age-gap, dominant hero, vacation fling/one night stand, small town, HEA


When one door closes . . . and all that nonsense.

Zach’s been working at Fairford Manor for what feels like forever. Does he love his job at the famous kink resort? Mostly. Does he love Mason, one of the owners? One hundred percent.

Until Mason decides to fall in love and live a perfect happily ever after right in front of him. That’s it. The final straw.

So when his five-year review rolls around, he asks for a short sabbatical. A two-week vacation to reassess, recharge, and decide where he wants his life to go.

When he meets Remy on his first night in the Caribbean—twelve years older, devastatingly sexy, and focused solely on his career—he feels things he’s never felt with anyone. Even Mason.

And let’s just say, one night isn’t enough.

Zach knows exactly what he wants now. And he wants this man who can bring him to his knees with just a look.

He’s ready for another door to open.

But is Remy?

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Zach managed to take two steps into Remy’s hotel room, and two steps only. The door hadn’t even finished slamming shut behind them before Remy spun him around and shoved him up against the nearest wall.

God, the feel of strong hands on his shoulders, the way Remy’s knee came up between his legs, grinding against his cock . . .

So fucking good.

Then when Remy’s lips crashed down over his, he was utterly lost. Fuck, this man could kiss.

The way his lips and tongue moved, like Remy wanted to fucking devour him.

The way Remy’s strong body pressed against his, flattening him against the wall.

Zach needed this. He needed it so fucking badly.

His breath came in harsh pants by the time Remy pulled away. A little groan slipped out of him at the loss.

“Look at me, pretty boy,” Remy whispered.

He opened his eyes. Remy’s face was only inches from his, the look of hunger in his cinnamon eyes so strong that Zach went weak in the knees.

Remy studied his face for several long seconds, clearly searching for something. One hand stayed on Zach’s shoulder, but the other slid up, fingertips grazing over his neck and the hint of stubble on his jaw. A thumb brushed across his lips. “I need to know what you want,” he said at last.

With a moan, Zach pushed his hips forward, wanting to press up against Remy again, but he was just out of reach. “I want whatever you want to give me.”

“Uh-uh.” Remy moved his hand up into Zach’s hair, caressing, gripping, pulling. It felt fucking fantastic. “I need you to give me a hell of a lot more than that.”

“I don’t care,” Zach said, whimpering. “Whatever you want.”

Whirling Zach around, Remy used all his body weight to shove him against the wall.

Zach huffed out a sharp breath as his cheek flattened against the green paint. He was so hard it fucking hurt.

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear,” Remy said, voice low and breath hot against Zach’s ear. “I have no interest in fucking a shrinking violet. I want someone who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to beg me for it. Now are you going to be a good boy for me tonight?”

“Yes, Sir.” As soon as those words left his mouth, a shudder ran through his whole body. Fuck, fuck, fuck, think of non-sexy things. Dung beetles. The Pythagorean Theorem. Boobs.

“Mmm,” Remy murmured, running the tip of his tongue around the shell of Zach’s ear. “I like the sound of that. Now tell me what you want.”

If he said the words he was done. Fuck, this was embarrassing. He hadn’t been this close this fast since he was a teenager. It had just been so goddamn long.

Well, and Remy was that fucking hot.

“Be a good boy and tell me what you’re thinking,” Remy said, sliding his hand down to Zach’s ass, gripping it hard.

Zach screwed his eyes shut. “I’m trying not to come three seconds in like a fucking virgin getting his first piece of hot ass.”

Remy’s laugh was gloriously deep and sensual. Zach felt it reverberating in his chest like a fucking symphony. “How are you planning to accomplish that?”

“A squared plus B squared equals C squared.”

“Of course it does, baby.” And with that, he slid Zach’s swim trunks over his hips, letting them drop to the floor. Pulling Zach’s hips away from the wall, he wrapped one large, gloriously warm hand around his cock.

“Fuuuuuuuck.” Zach threw his head back, resting it against Remy’s shoulder.

Remy pumped his hand along the length of Zach’s cock, running his thumb along the underside with the most glorious pressure imaginable. “Mmm,” Remy said again when Zach’s hips jerked involuntarily. “You like that, don’t you.”

“Not. Helping.” Zach forced the words out between clenched teeth.

“My sweet, pretty imp,” Remy whispered against his ear, his hand continuing that positively sinful movement. “Let’s get this out of the way right now. I plan to make you come as many times as I can tonight. And I assure you, I’m an extremely patient man. So stop worrying about when or how and just let yourself fucking feel.”

Zach fought it for another pair of heartbeats. Then he completely let go. All the tension melted out of his body, and he let out the moan he’d been holding back as if his life depended on it.

“That’s it,” Remy urged, hand picking up speed, his free arm wrapping around Zach’s chest and pulling him tight against his body. “Don’t fight it anymore.”

When Zach came, it was as if the world disappeared for several seconds. Like he and Remy had somehow been transported to their own little parallel universe, where they were the only two beings who existed.

For those spectacular, explosive moments, he never wanted to be anywhere else as long as he lived.

“Remember, we’re only just getting started.” Remy pressed a soft kiss against his neck, bringing him back to Earth. “Before the night is out, I want to see what your face looks like when you come apart in my arms.

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Bay Sinclair is the author of ultra high-heat romance with broken girls, sexy Doms, and lots of heart. She writes contemporary romance —though she was one credit away from a history minor in college, and historical romances hold a special place in her heart. When she isn’t writing, she’s an avid foodie in search of the next great culinary adventure, and she drinks entirely too much green tea.

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