RELEASE TOUR: Forbidden In The Falls by J.E. Birk (Excerpt & Giveaway)

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Forbidden in the Falls
By J.E. Birk

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Devon Falls Series, Book 2

He’s my boss. He never smiles. I have a totally off-limits crush on him. Oh, and I just moved into his house.

All I’ve ever wanted is to escape the tiny town and trailer park that never accepted me. I came to Devon Falls to start over, and things here were starting to look up—until I accidentally ended up living in a drug dealer’s barn and became a town pariah all over again. And on top of all that, I’m now homeless for a second time. Is there a hotter mess than me on the planet?

Things get really wonky when my boss rescues me from my car and takes me home with him. I’ve been crushing hard on Dr. Sam Evers since the day we met, and moving in with him isn’t making that crush go away. He may be one of the growliest people in town, but Dr. Evers takes care of me and protects me in a way no one ever has. Still, I know better than to think that will last once he realizes what a disaster I am. Plus, Dr. Evers swore off all relationships after he lost his husband. And then there’s the fact that he’s my boss…

But when I end up managing the Devon Falls Leaf Festival and quickly discover I can’t do it all on my own, Dr. Evers steps in to save me yet again. Now I can’t decide what’s harder: earning the acceptance of an entire town, or trying not to fall for a doctor I can never have.

Forbidden in the Falls is a forbidden boss-employee romance. It comes with a grouchy doctor, his hapless young office manager, leaf festival shenanigans, and all the small-town quirk you’d expect from a Devon Falls book. This is the second book in the Devon Falls series, but it can be read as a standalone.

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I step slowly down the street, where dusk is punctuated by fairy lights in windows and street lights are beginning to click on for the night. There are so few surprises here. At this time of night, everyone in the town has their place: at knitting club, or eating dinner in Luis’ café, or at home with their family, or—

Sleeping in the backseat of their car?

I rush to the side of the ancient, tiny Mazda parked behind the medical office before I can stop myself, and I jerk open the back door. Malachai pops up from where he’s awkwardly wrapped in a sleeping bag at an unnatural angle, head banging into the cloudy car window as his wrapped feet hit the back of the front passenger seat. His wavy, brown hair is standing up in an odd pattern away from his forehead and ears, his tawny, lightly tanned skin looks flushed, and his dark brown eyes are wide. Not for the first time, I fight the desire to gather him in my arms so I might bring him home and wrap him up in the warm, layered quilts that cover my bed.

He always looks cold, Malachai. Even when it’s seventy degrees out. This bothers me.

Right now it’s not seventy degrees; the temperature’s dropped to the low fifties. We’re having a very chilly entry into fall here, and the first frost could be coming soon, Benson told me recently as he frowned and studied the tomatoes planted in his and Jack’s backyard. What the hell is Malachai doing in his car tonight, wrapped up in a sleeping bag? Is he spending the night here?

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About the Author:

J.E. Birk was raised in Vermont and is now adulting in Colorado with intermittent success. She is a long-time lover of stories, and she writes and reads in worlds where imperfect characters find their happily ever after. Snag free bonus content and stay up-to-date on J.E. Birk’s news and releases by signing up for her newsletter at www.jebirk.com.

Connect with J.E.:
Instagram: @jebirkwrites
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