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MANGA: Hatsukoi Kids Sitter

Hatsukoi Kids Sitter – Kuroda Kurota

Being a “good neighbor” is just not enough anymore!

After school, the third-year high school student Mitsuki’s daily routine is to play with the neighborhood kids.
As he was playing as usual, a scary-looking man with a scar on his face approached him!
He said he wanted to know how to interact with small children for his new brother who will be a new family member due to his mother’s remarriage.
The scary-looking man turns out to be Kyohei, who lives nearby and is one year younger than Mitsuki.
As they spend time together, he discovers Kyohei’s clumsy kindness, which is contrary to his look…?

Their first love and lively children that can make you die from cuteness!
A happy heartwarming BL story of a fierce-looking younger boy and a caring older boy!

First Love Kids Sitter is a super cute romance featuring the misleading appearance trope and a blushy seme.

Mitsuki is a senior high schooler who loves playing with the young kids in his neighborhood. One day, he was approached by a delinquent looking boy with an intimidating aura, Kyohei. It turns out, Kyohei wants to hang out with Mitsuki and the kids so he could learn how to interact with his little stepbrother.

Dog personality seme is my kryptonite! Kyohei reminds of a husky. These dogs look perpetually scowly but are really total sweethearts.

Kyohei’s scary exterior hides his adorkable marshmallow heart! He’s so precious I wanna wrap him in a blanket! Our grumpy-looking boy woos his first love with earnestness, pampering, and a promise to do his best for him and the kids. Mitsuki was confused about his feelings at first, but this ray of sunshine fell hard, too! Because who wouldn’t?!!!

And can we talk about how this manga is big on consent? Kyohei is a gentleman through and through!

Good vibes and swoons all around!

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