NEW RELEASE: Crash-Landed in Love by Piper Scott & Renee Fox


Crash-Landed in Love, the first book in the He’s Out of This World series by Piper Scott & Renee Fox is now live! One click this forced proximity, alien, MM Romance today!



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He comes in peace… amongst other things


When college kid Jude Adler wishes for a new life on a shooting star, he never imagined it would come in the form of a shapeshifting alien who nearly crash-lands his spaceship on top of him, let alone one who chooses to disguise himself as a man inspired by Jude’s wildest fantasies.


Al’s ship is damaged and unable to make the flight home, and when he earnestly asks Jude for a safe place to stay until help arrives, how can Jude say no?


Keeping his hands to himself until then shouldn’t be difficult… but Jude is only human, and there’s only so long anyone can resist a roommate disguised as the hottest person imaginable.


A roommate whose insatiable curiosity is piqued by Jude’s human body…


And who shares Jude’s only bed.


Crash-Landed in Love is a hilarious paranormal romance set on modern-day Earth with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains a clueless alien who is quite good at pretending to be a human, a love that’s written in the stars, shapeshifting body parts, and enough steam you’ll start to worry that your spaceship is on fire.


Please note that while there are no ABO dynamics in this series… life finds a way.







Author Bio:


Piper Scott’s love of reading began at age ten, when she discovered that the magical worlds in adult fantasy novels were way more exciting than playground politics. As she grew up, so did her reading habits, and now not only does she like to read books on the steamy side, but she loves to write them, too.


A Canadian by birth but an American by marriage, Piper currently resides in Southern Illinois, where she leads a quiet life with her husband, their three dogs, a very demanding cat, and her office mate—her pet rabbit.


If you love Piper’s omegaverse, mpreg, and paranormal romance books, be sure to check out her work as her gay contemporary romance alter ego, Emma Alcott!


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