FLICKer: Military Insubordination

Featuring LGBT short films I found around the interwebz a.k.a Youtube. Okay sucky intro, but yeah, that’s it.

Jeremiah Cruze and Blain O’Connor are two rival military privates who’ve butted heads all through basic training. Yesterday, their animosity rose to a boil as they got into a scuffle in the mess hall. As punishment, they’ve been tasked with cleaning their sergeant’s bedroom. They’ll need to change the sheets, vacuum the floor, wipe down the counters… you name it. They’re not sure which punishment is worse, the actual cleaning or the fact that they have to be in the same room together…

To start things off, they agree that they should probably clean on opposite sides of the room so as to avoid any unnecessary contact. They do so, though they can’t help but sneak a few stealing glances at each other when the other’s not looking. Could there be a spark of attraction underneath their masculine bravado? Then, at one point, it’s revealed that they are both secretly gay- though they haven’t shared this with anyone else for fear of being harassed by the other soldiers. This revelation bonds them and, before long, they start to eye each other seductively.

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