RELEASE BLITZ: Lich Reaper’s Lament by Jessamyn Kingley (Excerpt)


Book Title: Lich Reaper’s Lament (D’Vaire, Book 33)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: December 8, 2022

Genres: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Fated mates

Themes: Love, confronting the past

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 122 568 words

It is not a standalone story but does not end on a cliffhanger.

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A sorrowful reaper with a heart encased in ice. 

A lonely rock star who walked away from everything. 

What chance do they have at love?


Ripped apart by life, Lich Reaper Grymington Daray is drowning in sorrow. Each day, he strives to find the people responsible for killing his best friend, and he wishes his own existence had more meaning. The last thing on Grymington’s mind is finding the other half of his soul. While a loving family surrounds him, the coldness growing in his heart keeps him separated from joy.

Decades ago, Devlin Nero ran away from the world. Being a rock star was everything Devlin wanted, but it turned into a nightmare. Now, the enchanter-human hybrid is living alone and surrounded by nothing but fading memories. Desperate for happiness, Devlin makes his way to the Council of Sorcery and Shifters and winds up at a sanctuary designed for freaks like him.

On a fateful day, Grymington and Devlin discover they are mates. Sparks fly, and the two men venture forth to honor Fate’s choice for them. However, Grymington is too lost and much too fearful to allow Devlin near his tattered soul. Devlin wants love, but the Lich Reaper may not be able to offer it. If their confusing relationship isn’t enough, they have pasts to reconcile, and the future will not wait. It will be up to Grymington and Devlin to discover if they have a matebond worth saving.


“You still play and sing?” Grymington asked.

“Every day. Music is me, and I love composing words, writing melodies, and crafting beautiful songs. But trust me…I don’t deserve to be standing on a stage to cheers while I belt out a tune. My decision to leave my career wasn’t fair, and I hurt people, including someone I loved. It ruined everything she worked for, and I still lack the courage to do anything about it. That’s probably not the best thing to tell the person you’re hoping to build a matebond with, but I’ve learned the value of honesty, and I won’t lie to you about the kind of person I was or am.”

“I wasn’t resurrected yet in 1998 when you left, but I’m going to download your music after I get home.”

“You’ll have to let me know what you think.”

“I will. I guess you don’t miss it,” Grymington said. His dog ventured over to lie across his sneakered feet.

“Who wouldn’t miss having fans? I enjoyed that part, but I’m good without having any of the rest of it in my life.”

“If you’re not a rock star, what are you going to do now that you don’t have to hide?” Grymington asked.

Devlin shrugged. “I haven’t figured that out yet. I haven’t been a D’Vaire that long, and now I have a matebond to focus on. I’m in no rush to decide anything. Taking things a day at a time is far less intimidating than trying to structure my entire life.”

“I do that too,” Grymington confided softly. “It is definitely easier if I focus on a single day at a time.”

“I hope it’s one of many things we find we have in common.”

They fell silent again, and Devlin studied the sexy man sitting several feet away. There was something about Grymington’s pert nose and his perfect heart-shaped mouth that brought out a visceral reaction from Devlin. Cute men had always been his downfall, and Grymington had no match. The desire to taste Grymington was so intense, Devlin went with instinct, though he acknowledged he was probably being led by his dick.

“I’d love to kiss you,” Devlin murmured.

Grymington’s pale citrine-colored gaze widened for a second, then a rush of euphoria rushed through Devlin as the reaper scooted closer to him. 

“I haven’t been kissed before,” Grymington offered apologetically.

The grin Devlin gave him was wolfish. “I know.”

Because he had to touch those messy curls, Devlin lifted a hand and tangled his fingers in the soft blond twists. Grymington titled his head so their eyes met fully, and Devlin swore the faint smell of lilies bewitched him. 

Since he was worried that the spell could break at any moment, Devlin leaned forward and pressed his lips to Grymington’s. The reaper lacked experience, but Grymington had initiative. Grymington’s mouth parted, and Devlin wasn’t foolish enough to ignore the invitation. Their tongues touched, and Devlin nearly moaned.

His scent was elusive, but Grymington’s taste was intoxicating. The way Grymington copied each thing Devlin did was a lovely reminder of his innocence. It brought out a tender side of Devlin he hadn’t known existed as he carefully explored Grymington. Devlin rested his free hand on Grymington’s waist and stifled the urge to crush the reaper in his arms.

Ever so gently, Devlin coaxed Grymington into tipping his head slightly, and it took their kiss to an entirely new level. With nothing but the simplest of touches, Devlin grew hard, yet he was in no rush to devour Grymington. It would be an insult not to savor him, and Devlin refused to squander such an opportunity. 

Instead, Devlin used his many years of practice to please Grymington. Devlin teased, tormented, and nibbled Grymington’s lips. When he finally lifted his head, Devlin was outrageously pleased by the desire swimming in Grymington’s gaze.

“You’re a beautiful kisser, Grym,” Devlin murmured.

“Thank you, so are you,” Grymington replied. “I’d like to kiss you again.”

Since only a fool would tell Grymington no, Devlin smiled at him and dove in for another taste.

About the Author 

Jessamyn Kingley lives in Nevada where she begs the men in her head to tell her their amazing stories which she dutifully writes it all down in what has become a small mountain of notebooks. She falls in love with each couple and swears whatever book she wrote last is her absolute favorite.

Jessamyn is married and working toward remembering to start the dishwasher without being distracted by the scent of the magical detergent. For personal enjoyment, she aids in cat rescue while slashing and gashing her way through mobs in various MMORPGs. Caffeine is her very best friend and is only cast aside briefly for the sin better known as BBQ potato chips.

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