Halloween isn’t a traditional holiday ’round these parts but I love it! I decided to do a manga edition for those volumes that have the same spooky and/or supernatural elements that we love about our favorite holiday.

Found this at WILDWOODREADS.com.

Creepy House on the Corner of the Street: A book with a creepy cover

Shinigami wa Korosenai combines spooky with drool-worthy in this shinigami romance that was unexpectedly fluffy.

Light’s Out (Party Poopers): A book you want to read when you want to escape

Just When I Thought I Came Here to Die is comedy where a Jason Voorhees character falls in love with a young man who was about to kill himself. The one-shot was so damn hilarious, not did I read it multiple times, I still find myself super amuse every time it randomly pop in my brain.

The House That Gives Out the Cheap Candy: Guilty pleasure book

Karasu Otoko ni Kiotsukete is about a clingy crow shifter and the park maintenance officer. The plot is cliche but super fun to read.

The House with the Best Decorations on the Block: Best haunting/Halloween themed cover

Lovely autumn feels, this one. The Wize Wize Beasts Of The Wizarding Wizdoms is a collection of one-chapter stories about student and teacher furries and their cute, if sometimes bittersweet, love stories.

The House that Gives Out the Best Candy: #1 Halloween recommendation

Bakeneko Katatte Sourou has that Spirited Away feels and tender love story with the perfect amount of humor, fluff and drama.

Not For The Faint Of Heart is a ghost love story that nearly had me bawling if not for that single panel at the ending.

Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku might not have a very unconvincing romance but it’s a great paranormal mystery.

One Room Angel is another one of those fluff balls with an air of melancholy and an ending that nearly broke me if not for the last chapter.


Corn Maze or Haunted House?

LOVE haunted houses!

Classic or Unique Costume?

I hate having a double so I almost always go for unique.

Sexy or Scary Costume?

The scarier the better.

Comedy or Horror Halloween Film?

Anything with Pinhead involved.

Chocolate or Sour Candy?

The darker the chocolate, the better.


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