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Welcome to the All American Boy Series

Are you ready to set sail with these hot new boys from the All American Boy Series?

The All American Boy Series is proud to deliver 9 new MM romance books in the shared world experience you’ve come to know and love. All books are standalone novellas with some cross-over elements.

Join us for Gay Romances from Shane K. Morton, BL Maxwell, Kris Jacen, David Michael, Layla Dorine, Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy, Miski Harris, TL Travis, Elle Keaton

Week Two’s releases include:

Devin’s Boys by Layla Dorine releasing April 11th

Pretty Boy by Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy releasing April 12th

Boy Overboard by Miski Harris releasing April 13th

Summer Boy by TL Travis releasing April 14th

Not a Boy by Elle Keaton releasing April 15th

Week 2 Out Now with DATES

Devin’s Boys by Layla Dorine

Devin's Boys Layla Dorine

Releasing April 11th

Coming home was supposed to be the end of something, until Mikal barreled into his life….and he wasn’t alone.

For Devin McKay, music has been his lover, his drug, and his best friend for as long as he can remember, but there was always something he denied himself while he pursued it. Now that his band has broken up and he’s returned to his hometown of Stoney Brook, he’s settled into a new, somewhat drunken routine, while he tries to get accustomed to this new phase in his life. The last thing he expected was an old friend to send a troubled young musician his way.

Mikal needs help, or rather, his best friend, Moon, needs help getting over the blinding bouts of stage fright that have been plaguing him for the last year. He’ll do anything to get to the root of Moon’s issues, even follow along with the unorthodox methods Devin prescribes for them. After all, Devin was a success in the industry, while Mikal and Moon have been struggling to get a foot in the door.

They aren’t the only ones struggling. Moon’s longtime friend with benefits, Derrick, spends most days rudderless and pretending to be okay. There are things he needs that Moon tries desperately to give him, but Moon has needs too. All their pieces have jagged edges, but with a little twisting and turning, and a lot of songs, they might discover a way they can all fit.

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Pretty Boy by Sierra Hill
writing as K.C. Kassidy

Pretty Boy KC Cassidy

Releasing April 12th

It’s true what they say. Possessing a pretty face has its perks, especially one I’ve relied on since I began modeling at seventeen. It’s paid for my college education and sent me around the world – all without taking a single dime from dad.
But it never got me what I truly wanted: his approval.
That’s the reason I’m in Stoney Brook, Maine.
To make a difference and prove to my dad I’ve changed.
What I don’t expect in this lobster fishing town is to catch feelings for a certain lobsterman. But Mason Proctor reeled me in, hook, line, and sinker.

I’m a homebody whose twenties are passing me by.
Something I hadn’t realized until I met Finn Caldwell, the pretty boy who breezed into town and hooked me with his smile. I want to be more like him; daring and fun.
The problem is my dad’s lobster business keeps me anchored down in a job, a town, and a future I don’t want.
I’ve played the role of good and loyal son long enough. I need to break free and live life on my own terms. But I don’t have it in me to cut ties and tell my parents the truth.
Finn and I may be different, but we both have something to prove. He needs to prove his worthiness to his father.
I only need to prove my bravery to one man.

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Boy Overboard by Miski Harris

Boy Overboard Miski Harris

Releasing April 13th

Why must Fate insist on having the last word?

Spoiled rich kid Riko Walker has spent the past year roaming the New England coast, working hard to maintain the rudderless image his father believes. Riko doesn’t need his father, or anybody else. Until a beating leaves him broken and alone in the middle of nowhere.

Braxton Harper’s inner voice screams “don’t get involved!” when he finds a bloodied and beaten young man in a heap on the roadside. He’s gotten good at ignoring that voice, loading the stranger into his truck and promising a place to rest and heal.

The Titanic-sized chip on Riko’s shoulder makes Braxton want to drop this ungrateful brat and be on his way. After all, no one handed Braxton anything in life. He’s worked hard for what little he has. If Riko doesn’t want help, why bother?

Fate has no patience for their stubbornness, throwing the two together time after time. How can sparks fly between two so different men? And can move they move past ugly beginnings to find their common ground?

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Summer Boy by TL Travis

Summer Boy TL Travis

Releasing April 14th

Summer romance is not for those who are led by their heart.

For Jonah Thomas, life is wake up, eat breakfast, go to work at his family’s restaurant Ahoy Matey’s. Lather, rinse, repeat. Next! His hometown, the sleepy little Stoney Brook, Maine, doesn’t offer much for someone like Jonah.

He’s not really living and has no clear path in front of him. Jonah merely…exists.

Party boy, Micah Hannigan is determined to enjoy the summer before his final year of college. Stoney Brooke, Maine is not on his bucket list. Two weeks there with his family is a life sentence, especially when his friends are living it up on the beaches of Florida where he should be.

Micah has plans, lots of them but he’d never factored in meeting the beautiful and intriguing Jonah Thomas.

It’s crazy how love always finds a way when you least expect it.

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Not a Boy by Elle Keaton

Not A Boy Elle Keaton

Releasing April 15th

Henry should have kept on walking by when he spotted the younger man sitting alone on the beach. He should never have stopped, never sat down, and certainly never kissed him. Because now Henry is experiencing feelings. And he doesn’t like it one bit.

Things happen for a reason, even random hook-ups. Ben was supposed to get off work early that night. It was no accident the sexy stranger stumbled on his beach hiding spot. The Kiss was destined, as well as what happened afterward. It wasn’t as if Ben believed in love at first sight, but this was damn close.

It’s a good thing Henry lives three-thousand miles away or he might do something stupid, like ask for Ben’s phone number.

Ben’s hometown boss begs him to return and he agrees, only regretting not being able to say goodbye to his snarky divorce lawyer. But all the wanting in the universe isn’t going to bring them together again, he doesn’t even know Henry’s last name. Besides, home is on the west coast, not Maine.

Sometimes the universe is a funny place.

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All American Boy Series: Semi-Sweet MM Romance

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Week One’s releases include:

The Boy is Mine by Shane K. Morton released on April 5th

Green Eyed Boy by BL Maxwell released on April 6th

Sailor Boy by Kris Jacen released on April 7th

Boy on the Horizon by David Michael released on April 8th


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Layla Dorine
Sierra Hill writing as K.C. Kassidy
Miski Harris
TL Travis
Elle Keaton


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