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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Hotter Than Hot
By Ariella Zoelle

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Suntastic Fun, Book 2

Baxley has been teasing Callahan for years about wanting to be with him. When Callahan finds out his best friend is actually serious about being with him, his curiosity gets the better of him. Why should being straight stop him from having fun with his sexy best friend?


Baxley is a lot of things: an awesome friend, a relentlessly shameless flirt, a little too attractive, and way too tempting when I’m straight. All of his heated teasing is starting to get to me, making me wonder if maybe indulging my curiosity might be worth blurring the boundaries of our friendship for a night. But what if it’s so good that I want a repeat experience? Am I really ready for that?

He promises me an experience that’s hotter than hot, but can he actually prove he’s not all talk? And am I really ready to discover that I like what he’s offering me?


When everything about Callahan lights my insides up like a fireworks finale on the Fourth of July, I knew from the moment I first saw him that he was the one for me. The only thing stopping me from making him mine is that he’s straight. But that excuse goes out the window when he kisses me, like he’s been dying for a taste of me for years. Did I die and go to Heaven or did all of my dreams just come true?

If he’s ready to take a chance on me, I’m not just going to show him a good time. I’m going to do everything I can to make him fall in love with me. Could I really be so lucky to win my best friend’s heart and make him my boyfriend?

Hotter Than Hot is the second and final book in the Suntastic Fun duet. This novella features a friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, no angst romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and scorching-hot banter that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll adore this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed in order.

Hotter Than Hot was originally published as Turn Up the Heat for the Boys of Summer M/M giveaway. A new epilogue has been added for publication.

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Chapter 3: Baxley

My world exploded into starlight and sunfire when Callahan straddled my lap and kissed me like he had been dying to do it forever. I tugged him closer as I claimed his lips for mine, the way I had been dreaming about doing since the night I first met him. It was the best kind of heaven to have him on top of me as I ravaged his mouth with the passionate desire I had been holding back for three long years. It got even better when he entangled his fingers in my hair as he slaked his thirst with kiss after kiss.

I boldly slipped my hands under his tank to touch his tempting bare skin. It earned me a delicious gasp as he rocked against me while still trying to kiss me senseless. I continued caressing him, heightening the pleasure for both of us. To my great delight, his shorts did a terrible job of hiding his growing arousal that pressed against me. I was ready to carry him upstairs to one of Lachlan’s unused bedrooms, but I didn’t want to stop kissing him long enough to do it.

For once in my life, I had the good sense to keep my smart-ass comments to myself and not ruin the moment by saying something flippant. Callahan stared at me with a stunned expression as his fingers reflexively stroked my hair that he hadn’t let go of yet. He endeared himself to me further when he murmured with awe, “Wow.”

“Wow, indeed.” I wrapped my arms around his waist as I held him closer. When he didn’t reject me, I rejoiced.

He stayed silent for a bit as he tried to sort through his reaction. “That was…I don’t have the words for it.”

“I’m taking it as a good sign that you’re still in my lap instead of running away.”

Callahan blushed as he shifted against me. “I’m definitely not running away after that.”

I might have gotten a taste of what I wanted most, but I couldn’t resist teasing him a little. “Not with that hard-on you’re not.” I burst into laughter at his outraged reaction.

He shoved at my shoulder with a scowl. “Hey, that’s your fault! I haven’t been kissed like that since—well, since ever. And if that’s you when you’re two years out of practice? I don’t stand a chance against you.”

“I stayed in practice by dreaming about how good it would be to kiss you.”

His eyebrows arched up. “Just kiss me?”

“If you’d like a demonstration of what else I’ve fantasized about, I’d be more than happy to indulge your curiosity. Lachlan has so many rooms in this place, I bet I could make you come at least twice before he found us.”

It was cute how scandalized he was by my suggestion. “We can’t do that!”

“Why not? He offered to let us use one of his spare rooms yesterday. I can’t imagine he would object today. In the unlikely event he did, I’m pretty sure Alessandro could talk him into allowing it.” Callahan’s flustered reaction made me want to play with him even more. “Or I could lay you out on this coffee table and suck your dick right here while we wait for them to finish upstairs.”

His pale eyelashes fluttered at the suggestion as he rocked his hardness against me with a pained noise. “Stop tempting me with stuff I shouldn’t want!”

“Is it the offer for a blow job or the location that you’re objecting to? Because if it’s only the latter, I will carry you out of here caveman-style back to my place where I can pleasure you without fear of interruptions.”

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Catch up on Book 1: It Might Be Hot

It Might Be Hot Cover

Suntastic Fun, Book 1

After another disappointing breakup, Lachlan is tired of dating all the wrong women. Even though he’s straight, his curiosity starts to get the better of him. What would it be like to be with his gay best friend, Alessandro?


I’m sick of wasting my time with women who love my money more than me. The only person who has ever cared about me and not my fortune is my flirtatious best friend, Alessandro. We always joke about me switching teams when I get bored with being straight, but lately, I’ve stopped laughing it off and started considering it as a very tempting possibility.

After breaking up with another gold-digging girlfriend, why shouldn’t I cheer myself up by having a little sexy fun with Alessandro? After all, it might be hot, right?


I’ve always had to joke about my attraction to Lachlan because I know he’ll never take my feelings seriously when he’s straight. But he shockingly asks me to show him what he’s been missing by only being with women. This is my big chance to convince him that there could be more between us than just friendship. How can I say no if it will make my dreams come true?

If he wants me to show him a good time, I’m more than happy to teach him a lesson about why I can be more to him than the women who don’t deserve him. But can I make him fall in love with me for real?

It Might Be Hot is the first book in the Suntastic Fun duet. This novella features a friends to lovers, bisexual awakening, no angst romance. If you love cute sweetness, sexy fun, and scorching-hot banter that will make you laugh and swoon, you’ll adore this satisfying HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed in order.

It Might Be Hot was originally published as Like It’s Hot for the Red Hot Summer M/M giveaway. A new epilogue has been added for publication.

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About the Author:

Ariella Zoelle adores steamy, funny, swoony romances where couples are allowed to just be happy. She writes low angst stories full of heat, humor, and heart. But sometimes she’s in the mood for something with a bit more angst and drama. If you are too, check out her A.F. Zoelle books.

For real time updates on her writing progress, please join her Facebook group for exclusive teasers or follow her on Twitter or Instagram. You can also sign up for her newsletter to gain access to bonus chapters, previews of upcoming books, exclusive visual guides, and more.

Connect with Ariella:

Website: https://www.ariellazoelle.com/
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