RELEASE BLITZ: First by Casey Cox (Excerpt & Giveaway)


Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
First by Casey Cox

First Ebook

99 Daddies, Book 1

First: (adverb)
a: before another in time, space, or importance.
b: for the first time.
See also: Stirling “First-Time Daddy” Bishop.

A boy who can’t find what he wants.
A Daddy who doesn’t know what he needs.

With his big blue eyes, lean frame, and propensity for adorkable clumsiness, Mikey Harrison is a Daddy magnet…for the wrong type of Daddy. Those who mistake his desire to serve as an open invitation to mistreat him and abuse his trust.

But all of that changes when he lays his eyes on Stirling Bishop. Sure, the strong, silent (and irresistibly sexy) type ticks all of his boxes, but it’s the tenderness underlying Stirling’s strength that makes him achingly irresistible.

For Mikey, it’s insta-love.
For Stirling, it’s insta-huh?

Despite looking like he was put on this earth to be the Daddy of every boy’s dreams, the thought of dating a younger guy has never even crossed Stirling’s mind, much less the idea of being a Daddy.

But there’s no denying that Mikey awakens something deep within him—the desire to dominate, the need to care. It’s been dormant, yet bubbling under the surface within him for his entire life.

Can Mikey help Stirling find the strength he needs to be the Daddy he was meant to be…and become the Daddy of Mikey’s dreams?


First is a Daddy-lite gay romance featuring a strong, silent, first-time Daddy, and an eager boy who can show him the way. Come along for the ride and enjoy some crazy/sexy/cool shenanigans including: impromptu foot rubs, naked butlers, a crew of sassy friends, lots of LOLs, and all the feels on the way to a heartwarming HEA.

First is the first book in the 99 Daddies series. Each book in the series will contain overlapping characters and storylines, so you may enjoy them more by reading them in order.

99 Daddies is a hilarious, entertaining, and heartwarming contemporary/new adult Daddy-lite MM romance series.
Escape to Daylesford, the (fictional) Daddy capital of America. If you love steamy and complex Daddy/boy dynamics, May-December gay romances with a twist, sweet and sassy MM age-gap romances, and chasing those guaranteed HEAs, you’ll love it here.

So come along and meet the 99 Daddies of Daylesford. Who will be YOUR favorite?

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The hottest piece of Daddy meat in the world had a name, and what a fucking hot name it was, too.


It sounded so regal.

So deliciously strong.

So I can’t wait to be yelling it at the top of my lungs while he’s fucking the living daylights out of me sexy.

But perhaps I was getting a little ahead of myself.

When he had walked over to us with his friend Steel, he was standing so straight, so rigid. I kept wondering what had him wound up so tightly. I kept sneaking glances in his direction as Steel flirted shamelessly with Nick, and Nick flirted shamelessly right back.

But I couldn’t get a proper read on Stirling. There was something on his mind, and I got the feeling it was more than just the awkwardness of talking to two pieces of human furniture. Although I could totally see how that would be a lot.

What I did get though, was a close-up view of him. And what a fucking view it was. If I thought he looked good from across a crowded room, up close he was a walking piece of art.

The first thing I noticed when he walked over was his eyes. Those deep green, piercing eyes that I could stare into forever.

The rest of his face was just as gorgeous. Thick, short brown hair with just the faintest hint of gray at the temples, a perfect square jaw, a strong nose, and a smooth, olive complexion. All of it just radiated pure masculinity. I wanted to breathe it in for as long as I could.

But again, it was the way the man moved that sent an excited shiver bolting up my spine. His manner and movements were slow and deliberate—and unintentionally sexy as fuck. The slow-and-steady way he sat down and took off his socks and shoes sent pinpricks of heat flashing across my skin.

My body was aching for him. I wanted this man to touch me, to feel the warmth of his skin on mine. I steadied my breathing, my heart was racing so fast I thought it would fall right out of my chest and onto the floor.

I gazed up to look at him, and despite his steady demeanor, he looked unsure about the whole situation. Yet he also didn’t object. He could have. At any point, he could have told his friend that he wasn’t interested or that he didn’t want to do it. But he never did.

His lips, his deliciously pink, supple lips, remained firmly sealed the whole time. So at least some part of him was interested in this.

And maybe some part of him was interested…in me?

It was moments like these that I wished I had Nick’s easy confidence. He just dove right into any situation, including having two handsome men come over and ask to use us as human footstools, without the slightest hesitation.

He never doubted himself, he never wondered whether somebody was as into him as he was into them, or whether he’d say something stupid and make a complete fool of himself. How did he do that?

I managed to suppress a grimace at my own lameness and instead, took a deep breath and turned my attention back to Stirling.

I was nowhere near as big or muscly as he and Steel were, but I made sure to present my body in the best way possible. I tightened all of my muscles and arched my back, tilting my ass higher into the air.

It didn’t go unnoticed.

I saw his eyes lingering over my body, especially my ass, and I honestly couldn’t blame the man. It was an impressive ass: firm, round and inviting. I could see him swallowing down hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing about in his throat, as he placed his feet delicately in the curve of my lower back. He was being careful and deliberate with his movements.

So maybe it was a bit of him being slightly weirded out by the bizarreness of the situation combined with…caring?

Was he worried about me? Did he want to make sure I was okay with everything? Was he worried that a guy his size placing his feet on a guy my size could hurt me? That thought made my stomach flip with happiness.

The second I felt the flush of his skin against my skin, my cock pulsed, its firmness throbbing against my briefs. This situation, me almost naked on my hands and knees, with this sexy man’s feet on my back, was making me tantalizingly hard. It ticked so many of my boxes and just felt so right.

So, let’s recap here. Strong, silent…and now caring?


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About the Author

Casey Cox is devoted to delighting readers with sassy, sweet and sometimes steamy MM gay romance tales of gorgeous, good-hearted and complex men chasing that thing we all love: a guaranteed HEA.

Casey’s writing has an escapist, wanderlust quality to it because, let’s face it, these days there are plenty of reasons to run from reality.

Casey lives on the east coast of Australia, loves the beach and is a proud paw-parent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs named Ralphie and Lilly.

Connect with Casey:
Website: https://caseycoxbooks.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/casey.cox
Email: [email protected]


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