I found this when I was searching WP for tags. It’s not necessarily book related but it’s a great tag to do in these trying times to remind us of the little things that bring us joy.

Only 3 Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you.
List fifteen of your small joys!
Nominate five other blogger friends who bring you joy.

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  • Joking around with my family. We’re a closed-knit, temperamental bunch who loves to laugh and bicker loudly over the most ridiculous things. We all love to eat. None of us drink alcohol. We leave each other alone to pursue our own interests but we come together as a team when there’s a crisis. I’m lucky to be stuck with them in this pandemic.
  • My cats and my dogs. I also wrote this on my About page: I have two dogs, Nimbus, the adventurous dog about town and Bebop who’s just bop bop bopping along. I have four cats, Tofu the aloof, Spook the scaredy cat, Nissin the slinky and Sprite, the bestest fat cat ever.
  • Discovering a new favorite song. And playing it at top volume while exercising.
  • Freshly cooked vegetarian spaghetti and eggplant parmigiana. I’m a pesco-vegetarian. My favorite vegetable is squash but I could eat eggplant parmigiana for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.
  • Coffee. Is life.

  • Grocery shopping. My more practical retail therapy because at least everybody in the household can use what I buy.
  • Playing Cocoppa Play Dress Up Game. I got into this Japanese mobile game to curb my urge to shop for clothes. I have been playing this since 2016. Of course I couldn’t resist making it gay.
  • Cool side of the pillow. An ephemeral pleasure in summer.
  • The smell of clean, well-dried clothes. Always so refreshing. Our laundry is air-dried because our washing machine doesn’t have a dryer. It’s hell when it rains because the clothes end up smelling funky, even fabric conditioners can’t help.
  • Talking with my friend about stupid stuff. He’s my ex but we like each other too much to ruin our friendship over a relationship that didn’t work. Also, you don’t let go of the person who introduced your Grunge-y self to the finer points of Brit Pop. The dork is always ready to complain how the sounds of 2020 hasn’t evolved much from 2000s. To which I dork back by complaining about fashion and musical styles getting regurgitated every 20 years, can’t we have something completely new? This and various other nonsensical rants are exchanged ad infinitum.

Night City #2, Acrylic Painting, Canvas 60 x 50 cm (24 x 20 in) | Olga  FineArts |
  • Clean public toilets. Sadly, dirty public toilets that don’t flush is the normal state of affairs here. To chance upon a clean one with working plumbing is a boon.
  • Late afternoons when it’s cool enough to take a walk. Walking is my favorite kind of exercise because it doesn’t feel like I’m exercising. I’ll do more of this once the pandemic is over.
  • Weekends + no alarms = sleeping in. I’m a night owl who requires long hours of sleep. My work starts at 6 AM so waking up early is torture. Weekends are extra precious to me because I could stay in bed until lunch time.
  • Walking around the city in the middle of the night. Not to go clubbing but to look at the other face of our city. I’m too lazy to take pictures but I love the vibe of a city at night. None of my people are interested in simply walking around and taking in the night time sights. They usually prefer to eat, drink, talk or do karaoke when they go out. Walking around alone is an invitation to tragedy so this is a very rare treat
  • Getting likes and comments. I’m always happy to get these. It makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you so much, everyone!

Hope you liked this post and got to know me a little better. I’m tagging you all. Let’s spread joy everywhere!

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