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MANGA: Teruteru Bouzu Tere Bouzu

Teruteru Bouzu Tere Bouzu – Yukue Moegi

Juntoku is a priest who inherited his family’s temple, and the one he doesn’t want to see the most right now… Appears during a monthly sutra copying session. A big, handsome man named Hasegawa Michi. That’s because Michi was a high school classmate, who then became his close friend, and then… the one he loved. And yet, whether he knows of Juntoku’s feelings or not, Michi suddenly reduces the distance between them…!? An easygoing grill restaurant owner x stoic beauty priest forbidden love! Also included is a second story about a seiyuu otaku, getting flustered by his senpai who has the same voice as his idol.

Bald head moe and voice fetishes!

A cute and slightly yaoi-ish collection of tsundere priest, blushy seiyuu otaku and their unflappable boyfriends.


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