“Heads up.” Gabriel fired two quick shots, but this time they sounded like they were at the opposite end of the long warehouse. The onslaught of bullets immediately stopped. Justin poked his head over the wall to find Gabriel standing over the bruiser as he put another bullet in the man’s chest.

“It’s called a ‘double tap’ for a reason,” Justin said as he stood and started crossing the main floor toward his boyfriend. “Double means two. Two shots.” He held up two fingers on his empty hand.

“I’m sorry. Are we rationing our bullets now? I didn’t know I was dating a bullet miser.”

“Hey, I’m just saying the third shot was overkill.”

Glaring at Justin, Gabriel blindly pointed his gun at the dead man and unloaded two more shots into his chest. “That’s overkill. The original three shots were being careful.”

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