FLICKer FADE SUNDAY: Scene from the Men’s Toilet at a Ceilidh

Featuring LGBT short films I found around the interwebz a.k.a Youtube. Okay sucky intro, but yeah, that’s it.

It’s a family affair, and Rory (Ben Walsh) is on familiar ground. He knows each burly man who comes in for a mid-dance piss break, and his dad is playing the fiddle in the band. But Dan (Joe Sefton), his visiting boyfriend, couldn’t be further out of place – and there’s something Rory hasn’t told him. Once Rory manages to coax him out the cubicle, previously unaddressed questions over masculinity and communication are brought to the fore and their conversation unfurls into a flaming row, paused at regular intervals by urinating family friends, and incongruously underscored throughout by the rising ceilidh music coming through the wall.

At first I was wondering why this won awards because this is just two blokes and their drama. The film had me going “you have every right to be angry, English boy” and just like that, it shifted to “let’s go hug poor Scots boy“.

Now I know.

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