Future Readings: ARCs & TBRs for February


Tea – Matthew J. Metzger: This looks like one cozy read!

Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks – Nathan Burgoine: Very promising title. If you can go anywhere, where would you go?

Parallel Larry – Jacqueline Rohrback: I love the parallel lives premise. A second change romance with a sci-fi twist

Star Collector Vol. 1 – Anna B & Sophie Schonhammer: I just liked the cover. Also, shounen ai manga always gives me life.

Foreign To You – Jeremy Martin: Also liked the soft colors on the cover. That, and the fantasy element.


Ripe: Letters – Alan Semrow: Addressing the men in his life in the form of letters. The nosy nancy in me is intrigued.

To Be His Life – George Leedy: I need to read this ASAP, it’s due soon. A gay-for-you story. Let’s see how far the straight man will stray.

NYV: Goth – K.D. Mcquain: calls to mind the 1980s goth scene. Time to break out the hair spray and black lipstick.

Fabulous! An Opera Buffa – Laury A. Egan: I’m especially excited to read this one because of the sheer number of singing transdivas in my country

Darkness on the Horizon – Christopher Renna: This is due soon too. Dark secrets, murder, deception. Yep, the good stuff.

The Illuminati Circle – Robert J. Ristino: Who can resist those good ole illuminati stories?

A Flight of Broken Wings – Nupur Chowdhury: It’s not just romance all the time. Sometimes we need good stories about friendship too! This one might be it.

The Blood Prince – Josie Jaffrey: Kind of drives me crazy that I don’t have a copy of The Silver Queen yet but I got this ARC already. Can’t wait to find out what happened to Cam and Felix.

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