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Love You – 
 Munya Munya Sue (

Kobato Mebaru & Ogura Muku)

The first story is by Ogura Muku sensei, and the latter is by Kobato Mebaru sensei.1. Bear-kun is always laughed at for being so clumsy and useless, despite his large size. So, he has come to hate the fact that he is large. Squirrel-kun finds him crying, and one thing leads to another and Bear-kun ends up helping Squirrel-kun using his large size.2. The eldest brother in the wolf family is actually a fox… a golden fox. He knows he’s “different” from all the rest. One day, he falls in the swamp and gets covered in mud… as a result, he is black like his brothers. When the second eldest brother sees this, he begins licking the fox to expose the beautiful fur. Together they discover the pleasure their tails can bring.

Anthropomorphic doesn’t sound so cute so yeah, furries!


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