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MANGA: Hello Again

Hello Again – Ichikawa Kei

Onoda is avoiding his childhood friend, Hiroto, because of what he did in the past while the other is wondering what happened and why he is being avoided. But because Onoda was ignoring a teacher in school, Hiroto had to drag him in to the counselor’s office, and that’s when their friendship started blooming again. Will Hiroto find out why he is being avoided?

BL readers already know how good Ichikawa-sensei’s stories are. Colorful Line Blue Sky Complex and Slow Starter are favorites. Hello Again tells you not to do underage drinking especially when you have repressed feelings and I do love it but probably slightly, very slightly less than the others.

Things I like about it:
a. both POVs are shown
b. Hiroto seems so chill about the whole thing except during moment when he was sad
c. their friendship is intact despite the change in status
d. 99.999999% shounen ai

Thing I don’t like about it? Nothing, really or maybe just the fact that Onoda sleeps with girls.

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