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    MANGA: Uchi no Wanko Choukyou Sakusen

    Uchi no Wanko Choukyou Sakusen – Miwa

    Yuki is a salaryman who loves men to his core, and Shibasaki is his junior who adores his master like Hachiko. The two, having just started dating, tried to have sex, but it ended in failure…. The reason: Shibasaki’s lower half wouldn’t get hard. “You’re the one who confessed to me, aren’t you? If you like me, why can’t you get an erection!?” Shibasaki tries every trick in the book to get an erection, but….

    Our Dog Training Operation! is a workplace senpai/kohai romance featuring an experienced older uke and an earnest younger seme.

    Puppy dog seme is my jam, and while Shibasaki wasn’t exaggeratedly puppy-like, his eagerness to please and glowing adoration of his cranky senpai was endearing. Meanwhile, Yuki appeared to merely go along with the flow just because he reluctantly found his kohai cute. Tried as he might be turned off by the younger man, again and again, Shibasaki’s cuteness sneaks up on him and sweeps him away.

    The titular training was really nothing but Yuki’s attempt to get his lover hard. It didn’t occur to the dorks that Shibasaki might be ace or demi. But they are entertaining as a couple, and I wanted to know more about their backstories and their HEA. It’s a one-shot that I wish was a full volume.

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