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    REVIEW: The Vampire’s Club 2 by X. Aratare

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    Lucas Daniels is mine!

    That is what vampire Count Konstantin “the Wolf” Volk declares to his Vampire House, and even to his Sire, the ancient, dangerous vampire known only as the Nomad. His Sire wants Lucas dead. His closest advisers want Lucas enslaved. Because Lucas is no ordinary human. 

    Lucas finds himself eager to start work at Club Dyavol, even though his memories of his time there are hazy. There is one image burned into his memory: a set of brilliant green eyes that turned red. But no matter what awaits him at the elegant club, he is certain it is better than being around his overly attentive stepfather. 

    But is Lucas running from potential danger to a certain one? 

    These books come with a warning but still, gad, those cliffhangers!!!

    Konstantin is still feeling the effects of Lucas’ blood and imagining a passionate night in the shower with Lucas that seemed oh so real. Meanwhile, Lucas is having one hell of a dream where he claims his Wolf and then a mysterious stranger appeared outside his window. The stranger tried to enter but was repelled by a ward. Lucas wakes up, not sure if it really happened. He goes to the club to start his job and while crossing the street he was nearly hit by a car. Konstantin, who was standing outside the balcony anticipating his arrival, saw the accident and collapsed.

    Totally loved where this is going!

    It was Lucas’ turn to get possessive. He wouldn’t even let anybody touch Konstantin, not even Xavier. Lucas and Konstantin talked. It was heartfelt and sweet. My heart turned to mush ♡( ◡‿◡ )

    Lucas was introduced to Konstantin’s vampire family. It was super adorable the way Lucas and Lizzy bonded. I want more cute scenes from the two of them.

    On the flip side, Lucas’ stepdad is a creep. I hate people who make unwanted physical contact and I get the heebie jeebies from him touching Lucas. I’m hoping he’ll just go away but I expect he’ll cause trouble later on. Like, really BIG trouble.

    Konstantin gets a visit from his Sire, The Nomad, who was concerned about Lucas’ effect on his fledgling. There’s angst coming from Konstantin and some events and people were alluded to that hopefully would be explored later on. All very mysterious and enticing which only sucked me deeper into this immersive paranormal universe.

    Also, once again, it needs to be mentioned, outstanding narration from Ethan Holtan! I loved how he made everything come alive. I hope he narrates more books.

    Book 2 ended with the arrival of the Council who demanded to speak to Konstantin and Lucas is right there! How will The Wolf explain a human working in Club Dyavol? How will he keep Lucas safe? Lucas appears to have some magical connections but is he the key?

    I need answers stat! The suspense is killing me!


    The Vampire’s Club Book 1 here

    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

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