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    MANGA: Subarashii Kiseki ni Yasashii Kimi to

    Subarashii Kiseki ni Yasashii Kimi to – Yusen Atsuko

    Enoki is practically the poster-boy for what a typical nerd looks like: short and slight, complete with big round glasses and social awkwardness. His main hobby is playing video games, and he’s used to not having many friends at school. Then, he meets Shirataki, a former member of the baseball club and his exact opposite; tall, muscular and sporty. Despite their many differences, the spark of friendship between the two boys begins to grow into something more…

    This Wonderful Season With You is a jock-nerd romance that deploys the eyeglasses trick to fabulous results. You know, where there’s a super cute guy hiding behind thick glasses.

    It started when Enoki was trying to recruit more members for his electrical engineering club that’s in danger of being disbanded. He bumps into a tall, intimidating guy, Shirataki, who turns out to be kind of nice. Each one left an impression on the other, and Shirataki joined the club, hoping it would expand his horizons. Little did he expect he would have that and more!

    The scenes with the club members were a riot! There were two other members, the president and the robotics enthusiast. They were wary of Shirataki at first, but later on, they helped him face his feelings. I love that bit at the ending where they gave the robot enthusiast his moment in the sun.

    This is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romance with some drama thrown in. As Enoki grow closer to Shirataki, he learns many surprising sides to him. A huge chunk of the manga contains many soft, fluffy scenes that are adorable. The last couple of chapters I skimmed because they weren’t that interesting. There was the obligatory sex scene at the closing, which I think was unnecessary since the vibe of the story was fluff and humor. Still, this is as wonderful as promised.

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