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    MANGA: Sore wa Tabete wa Ikemasen

    Sore wa Tabete wa Ikemasen – Koishikawa Ao

    Ordinary university student, Kou, is living with Naoyuki; a gentle and timid vampire. Frightened of his narrow coffin, the cowardly vampire doesn’t scare Kou, but can Kou resist becoming his “lunch?”

    An extra specially drawn compilation about Naoyuki’s older brother, Yukito, and a werewolf called Seiichirou! Every time a full moon appears, this werewolf has a particular problem…
    The other title series contains a debut volume, compiled in four parts for a complete

    A volume of beautiful character designs and intriguing storylines.

    You Can’t Eat That+ Kindly Dinner Table: A cowardly vampire and his roommate tried to live a happy life together when the vampire’s older brother comes in saying the cowardly vampire is going to marry a girl chosen for him. S’alright. I was more interested in the older brother and his man.

    The Werewolf Afflicted on the Night of the Full Moon: The intense and complicated relationship between a spoiled-rich vampire and his submissive werewolf seme. I would love to see this as a full-length manga.

    Friends Season: A so-so summery friends to lovers story

    Entangled, Untangled: A special connection between sensei and student that I would love to see explored further

    The Truth is You’re Kind: Featuring a break up, a make up and beanstalks. Wasn’t really feeling it

    Beautiful Person: A peak at what’s it’s like to have a mysophobic lover. Kinda of cute but could have been more fleshed out.