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    MANGA: You Are My Darling!!!

    You Are My Darling!!! – Sakurai Taiki

    When a new person moves in next door, the appearance of a cockroach forces him to ask his neighbour for help. This strange situation is how two people with opposite personalities, one calm and composed the other prone to exaggeration, form an unlikely friendship.

    A neighbors to friends to lovers story with a good premise but fell short of the mark.

    The manga started off well with a cockroach scare that had Yorito running pantless smack into his neighbor Akitori. From then on, the two started a friendship. They discovered new things about each other and learned about their youthful dreams.

    I think the main downside here was the execution. It was aiming for cute and fluffy, which it is. Kind of. But mostly, it’s boring. The supposed humor was flat. There is chemistry between the characters but their scenes were tepid at best. Even the first kiss scene lack spark. The delivery was just not making me feel the emotions it’s supposed to convey.