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    MANGA: Bakashoujiki ga Taosenai

    Bakashoujiki ga Taosenai – Nukui Yuna

    Three words sealed his fate…

    People pleaser Kakeru Senma’s spent his whole life putting on a smile, and it’s made his life easy.
    Everybody likes him.

    That is, until a total stranger, Makoto Takafuji, comes up to him and says, “I hate you.”

    Swallowing his shock and anger, Kakeru vows to avoid the guy at all costs, but for some reason he keeps popping up everywhere!!

    Just when he’s wracking his brains for some solution to his predicament, Kakeru is captivated by the sight of Makoto sternly practicing Japanese archery.

    Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all…

    Then again, he’s always stealing kisses and feeling him up without warning!

    Can’t Beat Stupid Honesty has pretty-looking characters and that’s about it. 

    The plot is the standard asshole seme hates the uke because the jerk is in love with him. Proceeds to harass him to submission.

    From the blurb, you can suss out there’s going to be dub-con, and this one has multiple dub-con scenes. I wasn’t pleased with how it depicted a gay high schooler. The manga had the gay character forcing himself on the straight MC. While I love a confident, openly gay MC, sekuhara isn’t the way to a man’s heart.

    The theme is being true to oneself delivered a bit too heavy-handedly. It would have been a little more interesting with the archery part, but it was mostly hot/cold treatments and boring dialogues. I’d say skip this one.

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