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    Consulting Royalty: Matters of the Heart – Alli Reshi

    Demitri is a consultant to an Earth-based task force that solves extraterrestrial crimes. But even his extensive knowledge and non-Earth perspective are strained by the hunt for a serial killer. The situation is further complicated when his childhood friend Devin, a notorious criminal, comes under his care while recovering from a coma. Between hunting a killer, convincing his team to trust Devin, and trying to help Devin recover, Demitri is pulled in too many directions, and he’s not sure he’ll manage to accomplish any of his goals.

    Being secretly in love with Devin isn’t helping matters.

    It’s like I stumbled into an episode of a crime investigation drama mid-season, something like CSI: Extraterrestrials, episode 6. It started with a recap of the previous episode’s cliffhanger where Devin threatened to kill the POTUS and Demitri tried to stop him. The writing assumes you are already familiar with the characters and how the world is set-up. Putting together everything is no hardship and things do come together okay, although a bit of world-building would do a lot of good. I find the world of multi-specie entities interesting and I hope Alli Reshi might add more details to what is potentially a rich universe to mine with stories. 

    Demitri and Devin are childhood friends from a faraway planet who were exiled because Devin was deemed insane and Demitri was involved in illegal research in an effort to help his friend. They are also both sitting on a love confession to each other for centuries. Out with it, boys! I am a sucker for a friends-to-lovers trope done well so I was rooting for Demitri and Devin (said rooting involves sitting them together and smacking their heads). Devin is still tagged as a criminal and I am curious about his fate so next book, please.

    There were hardly any details about them but the rest of the team, Benn, Isaac, Gabrielle, Amy, and Sally were likable people. I want to get to know them so some background info would be nice. They all knew Demitri was in love with Devin, heck, maybe assume they were boyfriends already. They were all egging on the Demitri to just get it on already but the poor man had to keep it all bottled up inside.

    The case was a minor subplot, minor as in easy to solve. It was simply a matter of identifying the right specie then wait for it to appear. On the upside, it was another way to introduce an interesting new alien to the story. I’m hoping the next case would be more challenging and the investigation be more rigorous. It’s partly what I signed up for after all.

    So, major points on the interesting premise, the characters and the romance, hopefully better world building and harder cases to solve next time. This series shows good promise so I want to see where the author takes it.


    I received a copy of Matters of the Heart from Less Than Three Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


    3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it

    Soundtrack: My Best Friend
    Artist: Weezer
    Album: Make Believe

    (source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40107347-matters-of-the-heart)

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