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    MANGA: Keppeki Danshi Kouryakuhou

    Keppeki Danshi Kouryakuhou – Pipipi

    Takumi is a neat freak who shies away from touching others, while Sakura is a goofball who tends to overstep personal boundaries. Even though it pains him to do so, smart and successful Takumi finds himself tutoring Sakura on a regular basis. Over the course of their study sessions, they finally start to break the ice. But then, Takumi discovers that Sakura is actually a…

    The love story of a guy with no sense of personal space and a stoic student council member trying to overcome germaphobia.

    How To Cure A Germophobe might be inspired by that other super famous manga about a doctor and a germophobe. This manga though is a more light-hearted take featuring two high schoolers who couldn’t be more opposite in personalities.

    Takumi is a serious, no nonsense, straight A student and the Student Council president to boot. Sakura is a goofy, clingy student who copies other people’s homework. Sakura is forever trying to copy from Takumi who decided to tutor him. This is where the fun starts.

    At first, I was put off by how loud Takumi and Sakura were. There were scream balloons everywhere and I thought the manga was trying too hard to be funny. Then came the twists…

    It was a nice departure from the usual archetypes. The story is about how a person’s image could be vastly different from reality. It did a good job portraying that theme.

    The romance happened under the guise of curing one of the characters from his germophobia. So how it played out was they kissed and went on dates so that the germophobe would get used to being touched. I was unsure whether the character who instigated this had feelings for the other boy before hand or if his intentions were purely to help the other get over his fears. I wasn’t a fan of the execution. It felt like there was something missing.

    The art is really pretty though. The character designs were cute. And holy heck, casual Takumi is hot Takumi!