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    REVIEW: Secrets by Jordan Castillo Price

    Psycop: Secrets – Jordan Castillo Price

    Victor Bayne’s job as a PsyCop involves tracking down dead people and getting them to spill their guts about their final moments. It’s never been fun, per se. But it’s not usually this annoying.

    Vic has just moved in with his boyfriend Jacob, he can’t figure out where anything’s packed, and his co-worker is pressuring him to have a housewarming party. Can’t a guy catch a break?

    On a more sinister note, Vic discovers there’s absolutely no trace of him online. No trace of anyone else who trained at “Camp Hell,” either. Everyone Vic knows has signed a mysterious set of papers to ensure his “privacy.” The contracts are so confidential that even Vic has never heard of them. But Jacob might have.

    What other secrets has Jacob been keeping?

    Secrets is notable for the disturbing sexual assault case that affected Jacob badly, Jacob acting cold towards Vic, Vic realizing he doesn’t exist on the internet, him in a jealous rage upon learning Jacob’s secret visits to Crash and then Vic subsequently discovering his own exhibitionist streak. This is also the installment that completely sold me on Vic and Jacob.

    While I do like most Psycop characters, it took me a while to be 100% into Vic and Jacob as a couple.

    Normally Jacob is all over Vic and is being his Mr. Perfect self. I think this might be the first time I have seen Jacob being distant towards Vic. When Vic stormed in, I was ready to see Jacob lose it but the way he handled it so calmly and showing his vulnerable side I finally understood why they’re perfect for each other. Also Jacob staring at Vic with “goo-goo eyes”.

    It never failed to amuse me that Vic is both insecure and strongly attracted to Crash, punk, empath, Jacob’s ex, also potential friend whether Vic wants to admit it or not. Crash, being psychic and audacious, knew all about it and took every opportunity to flirt and shamelessly drop innuendos because he loves to push Vic’s buttons. If this ends up a three way, I’d be the last to complain. I like Crash.

    All throughout the series, Vic tries to forget Camp Hell existed because the whole experience was a nightmare for him. This time, he tried doing research about the place, even asking Zigler for help. Vic, not the most tech-savvy person in the house, was shocked to discover that Camp Hell, officially known as Camp Heliotrope, might indeed be a figment of his imagination because he couldn’t find it anywhere online. He was disturbed to know that there was no information about him and his fellow inmates on the internet. He was angry to learn that people never mentioned this to him  and he didn’t take it well. My dear Victor, why didn’t it ever occur to you to google your name all these years?    

    The series is from Vic’s POV and we, more or less, know how he thinks by now. However he has always been hazy about his past and there were only tidbits of information to explain why he is the way he is, most of which is related to some trauma regarding mental institutions and psych wards. There were also hints that Vic might be a more powerful medium than his current level 5 category and I wouldn’t be surprise if he is indeed more powerful because he is the type who will intentionally half-ass his tests. This is a pretty exciting development! It’s about time Vic face his past and learn how to properly use his abilities rather his usual “hit-or-miss style”.

    It’s time to resurrect deeply buried ghosts. Yep, Camp Hell is next. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!


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    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits 

    Soundtrack: All Secrets Known
    Artist: Alice in Chains
    Album: Black Gives Way to Blue

    (source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/5260437-secrets)

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