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    MANGA: Zantei, Koibito

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    Zantei, Koibito – Akiba Touko

    Contains 3 short stories:

    Chapters 1-3 – They’d been drunk. Or, more specifically, his boss had been drunk. So when Sakamoto jumped him, Kurahashi just went along with it. After all, it was just the alcohol…right?


    At least, that’s what his boss thinks…and said boss doesn’t have a problem trying out a relationship with a colleague he thinks is in love with him. Unable to gainsay him, Kurahashi gets dragged into a relationship he never asked for – and finds himself getting deeper than he ever imagined.

    Chapter 4 – Two childhood friends who abruptly drifted apart years ago are reunited. One of them is now a Buddhist monk… What does his friend feel about this?

    Chapter 5 – The shy, reclusive, bespectacled Egawa confessed to Aoki on high-school graduation day…and was politely turned down. The two unexpectedly reunite in university, but to Aoki’s surprise, Egawa has become a completely different person who’s very popular with the ladies! But why does this cause strange, conflicting emotions within Aoki?

    Eclectic collection featuring an office romance, childhood friends and unrequited high school crushes.

    Zantei, Koibito: The main story and the best one. Loving the combination of the blunt, free-spirited boss and the calm, overachieving subordinate. I struggled at the beginning but it eventually won me over completely.

    Just as the Buddha Says: Blond, green-eyed monk found peace and acceptance for his love for his childhood friend in Buddhist philosophy. Great premise, so-so execution.

    The Obstinate Coward: Aoki turns down Egawa’s confession on their high school graduation only to find Egawa has changed in college. Aoki was an ass. My least favorite.

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    MANGA: Hito Wa Sore O Koi To Yobu


    Hito Wa Sore O Koi To Yobu – Akiba Touko

    The cute outer appearance is a disaster for Tominaga Jun. The instant he enrolled to an all-boys school, he got love confessions from his classmates and seniors!! Dislikes being judged by mere appearance, he refused all of the guys… sometimes he even had to use his fist to make them go away. Trying to be as tough as a man can be, he found himself attracted to the president of the student council body, Sakuma. Despite of his plain look, Sakuma is actually a reliable man. What will happen to Jun, who hold feelings of admiration and love for him!? 

    A bit all over the place but managed to pull off a passably cute gay-for-you story.