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    A Tender Curiosity – Charlie Cochet

    Take a journey into the past and meet the men who laughed, lived, and loved in a bygone era. This collection includes three short but sweet tales of infatuation, adventure, humor, and even a dash of the paranormal.

    When Love Walked In
    Private investigator Bruce Shannon’s cases of missing persons and infidelity don’t inspire warm feelings around Valentine’s Day. Luckily Bruce is quite happy with only his cat for companionship—until handsome Jace Scarret wanders off the street and into Bruce’s life.

    In His Corner
    Former world heavyweight boxing champion Jessie “the Demon” Dalton needs a cornerman, and Eli jumps at the chance, hoping for answers about why Jessie broke his heart years ago. It soon becomes clear that Jessie needs Eli in his corner—and in his life. Now all Eli has to do is convince Jessie.

    Believe Me, Beloved
    Robert Bradley dreams of singing on the radio, and when he attends the masked ball of handsome station owner Gabriel Chase, Robert has no idea his dream is about to take an unexpected paranormal turn.

    In His Corner originally published by Torquere Press, Inc., September, 2012.
    When Love Walked In originally published by Torquere Press, Inc., February, 2012.
    Believe Me, Beloved originally published in Masks Off Anthology by Top Shelf, An imprint of Torquere Press Publishers, 2012. 

    A collection of historical stories set in the same era as The Auspicious Troubles of Love series.

    Two were set in the real world while one had paranormal elements.

    All three featured age-gap which is catnip to some but not really my thing. 

    When Love Walked In: Mittens and her human, Bruce Shannon, pick up jobless Jace. They fed him, clothed him, housed him and gave him a job. Throughout all these, Bruce and Jace dance around their mutual attraction. Well-paced, well-developed and sweet. Comes with Mittens’ seal of approval.

    In His Corner:  Washed up boxer Jesse Dalton tries to deal with his feelings for Eli as the young man whom he had pushed away comes back to his life as his new cornerman.

    A story about second chances with fully-fleshed out background and convincingly delivered romance. 

    Believe Me, Beloved: Aspiring singer Robert Bradley was invited to a posh ball hosted by his boss and crush Gabriel Chase. There he discovers a different kind society. Weakest story for me. I must have bad luck with Cochet’s shifter stories because this one did not work. It seemed nothing more than a set-up for a human/were-jaguar mating.

    When Love Walked In – 

    4 Stars 
    In His Corner  – 

    3 Stars

    Believe Me, Beloved – 

    2.5 Stars


    3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it

    Soundtrack: First Day of My Life
    Artist: Bright Eyes
    Album: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning

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