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MANGA: Randen to Saga

Randen to Saga – Aikawa Fuu

Delinquents Randen and Saga are two friends who met by chance. When Saga accidentally gets seriously injured in a fight, Randen licks his wound and he recovers instantly! What is Randen’s mysterious ability?

Delinquents with golden hearts are some of the best characters out there. Here we have the infamous and feared bad boy Saga, known to be TROUBLE and a very strong fighter. He’s always seen fighting, either because someone would ask him to help fight other troublemakers, or more often than not, he’s secretly helping a bullied schoolmate.

His best friend is Randen, a half-American, half-Japanese transfer student, well-liked but also an equally strong fighter. He’s the only one who knows about Saga’s true nature. He’s always tending Saga’s wounds when one day, Saga was seriously injured by a blade. Concerned for his friend, Randen licked the wound and suddenly, it’s healed!

This is where the real fun starts!

Randen and Saga is a super adorable dumb-and-dumber romance with a touch of paranormal. In healing Saga, Randen casually reveals his two biggest secrets: his healing abilities and that he likes Saga.

Our boy’s head exploded at the part where Randen likes him, so he’s acting like nothing happened and ended up being an awkward dork. And Randen cheerfully pursues his best friend while they hang out like they normally do. Except now, Saga gets licked when he’s injured. And OMG, it’s ridiculously cute!!! 

The POV was initially in Saga’s but flipped to Randen’s in the middle. We see how the boys became friends, and that one time Randen stealthily healed Saga. Ack! That scene went right in the kokoro!

Loved the dynamics of Saga as the tsundere and Randen as the yandere, though these were portrayed lightly. Saga’s approach to protecting his friend is more direct, usually sacrificing himself, while Randen cunningly blackmails anyone who threatens Saga and does it with a smile.

These two are giving me so much life! One of my favorite best friends to boyfriends stories ever!

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