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SOUNDTRACK: Villain by Ado

Soundtrack to Villainous Things: Not All Himbos Wear Capes by C. Rochelle

Villain by Ado for a book about forbidden relationships, embracing one’s true identity, and freedom from societal pressures.

I’m sure we freak them out just by holding hands
You’re reported when you opt out of the “rat race”
I’m not a mutant; I’m just me
Whether that’s X or Y

Stubborn people hoard many goods and evils
They say I’m “infringing” upon you

Mr. Crazy Villain Villain
Nocturnal petals
I wear different clothes and pretend to be a boy in front of you
Dear Dr. Duran Duran
Please come pick me up
To someone I don’t even know, I’m already a villain

My hated life
My hated life
Eventually becomes inflamеd

I cover up my deviant nature again
A stamеn and stamen won’t get anywhere?

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