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SOUNDTRACK: Show Me The Wonder by Manic Street Preachers & Light by Kinder

Soundtrack to Enlightenment: Beguiled by Joanna Chambers

Show Me The Wonder by Manic Street Preacher for a book about reconnections, revelations and a bid for freedom.

This is no threat
Just an invitation
A sense of belonging
A sense of inspiration

If you’re exiled
By all the cruel tongues
Then show me the wonder
The wonder of your love

Soundtrack to Enlightenment: Enlightened by Joanna Chambers

Light by Kinder for a book where love is inevitable, powerful, and hard-won.

Isn’t it funny how we fall in love?
Like a freight train with no brakes
All of the questions that we’re thinking of
That we don’t ask cause we don’t want a heartbreak

There is something for us, I can see it
With my own eyes, waiting for ya
In the darkness
You brought me into the light

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