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MANGA: Kimi wo Someru Asayake ni

Kimi wo Someru Asayake ni – Umi Tomoshibi

Photographer Suguru comes to Enoshima to take photos when he suddenly spots a young man with hair the colour of the sunset falling into the water. Just as he’s worrying about whether he should jumped in, the young man, Kengo, carelessly says, ‘It seemed like it’d feel good’ and smiles like the sun. Although they part ways there, they meet again by chance at the shop Suguru stumbles across. Suguru, who hasn’t yet found a place to stay, even receives an invitation to stay at Kengo’s house…

For The Sunrise That Dyes You is a story of kindness, overcoming grief, and new beginnings set in a laidback, seaside town. 

Noted landscape photographer Suguru strikes a friendship with a young restaurant owner, Kengo, after an encounter at the beach. Kengo proceeds to house and feed Suguru just because he enjoys doing it. Not wanting to be a moocher, Suguru works at the restaurant in exchange for his board and lodging while chasing after that elusive picture of the sky.

This is a manga of soft, very idyllic atmosphere and tender moments. The only conflict is Suguru’s guilt at falling in love with Kengo while still grieving his dead lover. And true to the manga’s vibe, it was resolved in the gentlest of manners.

I would use the word “fluffy” to describe this kind of manga, but I feel peaceful is more apt. While there plenty of heartwarming scenes, they didn’t make me squee. Instead, they gave off comfort and calm that settle anxious thoughts and a quiet that heals. I guess, it’s exactly how Suguru and Kengo feels eating breakfast at the beach at sunrise.

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