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Some Place Like Home
By Gin Vane

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Southern Awakenings Series, Book 2

Three weeks of playing taxi shouldn’t have him tied up in knots…

Everett says he owes him for his help at Foxland, but Carver has long been comfortable in the shadow of his unknown past. He doesn’t need the former detective to search through his life for family. No sense in holding space for something he’ll never get.

With his auto shop scraping by, he’ s back to bartending to pay the bills— and while he doesn’t want to admit it, the perk of easy company is losing its shine. Too broke to refuse the work, he gets a tip about a sedan off the highway. But the man behind the wheel quickly becomes more than he bargained for.

Daniel Henning may look like some bumbling academic, but when he brushes off the dig dirt, the man is downright gorgeous. He’s in town for three weeks and absolutely running from his baggage. Just like another college-boy that Carver used to know.

Maybe he hasn’t learned a thing if he’s willing to make this mistake twice, but it’s not just Daniel’s talent with rope that keeps pulling Carver back in. Daniel looks at him like the best parts of what he lost. If they could each escape the weight of their pasts, might they have a future together?

Only more time would tell. But Carver’s never been the kind to ask.

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Carver stared at him from under the brim of his hat. Daniel turned his way in the hall, still not leaving. Blue eyes darted to his lips, then away, and the third time Daniel repeated the circuit he stopped hiding his amusement. He’d been ready for Daniel to be a bit gun-shy, but the desire was clearly there. What was he waiting for?

“Look at you,” he teased. “You’re dyin’ to know.”

“Know what?”

“What you’re missing.” He crossed his arms over his chest, aware what the pose might do for his biceps. “Admit it, genius. You can’t stand not knowing.”

He expected the professor to laugh. Maybe joke about his cheesy lines. Instead, something in Daniel’s eyes flipped like a switch and he closed their distance fast, crowding into his space.

Daniel ducked under his hat to press their foreheads together. “Let’s say you’re right,” he whispered, voice strained. “That I can’t stand it. What then?”

Carver hitched up his chin in challenge. “I think you know what.”

Daniel’s exhalations broke and crested over his face, but he didn’t move. He held completely still, putting the ball in the other man’s court.

“I think I want to kiss you,” Daniel said at last.

Well, that much had been obvious all night. “Just think?” He laughed. “I must be losing my touch—”

Before he could even finish, Daniel’s arm was around his neck pulling their mouths together. The professor sighed against his lips and braced a hand on his hip. And damn, but it was a good kiss. He was firm but didn’t rush, didn’t try to take more than was offered. Carver kissed back with subtle pressure and teased his tongue along the seam of his lips, toying with him more than anything. The cool taste of beer gave way to the heat of Daniel’s mouth and Carver felt dizzy. He hadn’t drunk enough tonight to be this off-balance.

Daniel pulled back first, holding his eyelids closed. He mumbled under his breath, “Of course you’re an amazing kisser.”

“That a problem?”

The prof licked his bottom lip. “Tell you in a minute.”

With renewed purpose, Daniel steered them into the house, pushing the door shut as he pressed Carver against his own wall. He wedged a leg between his feet, encouraging Carver to rock against the pressure of his thigh. Their lips met again and this time, he didn’t hold himself back. He teased with his tongue when Daniel opened his mouth to him. He’d thought to use the distraction to flip their positions, but that wasn’t possible with Daniel’s hands wrapped around his wrists. Daniel used the hold to force his arms above his head, taking advantage of his surprise to kiss down his neck.

Well, damn. All right…

Daniel rocked against him and mumbled, “Tell me if I’m doing something wrong here.”

“Not at all.” He cleared his throat. “Just not what I expected.”

Daniel licked a stripe up his neck and goddamn, he couldn’t help the way his hips jolted at that. “You kidding me? I’ve barely been keeping a lid on it.” Daniel kissed over his collarbone and groaned. “I’ve been trying not to do this all night. All fucking week.” He bit down on his shoulder and tugged at the fabric covering his chest. “Take off your shirt already.”

Shit, that’s hot.

He pulled the offending garment up and over, shouldering off his layers and dropping them to the floor. After playing the lead all night, Carver hadn’t expected this sort of encounter, but damn if he wasn’t willing to come along for the ride.

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Gin Vane

About the Author

Comphet is dead. Long live queer romance.

As a long-time reader of mystery and erotica, Gin refuses to compromise plot for spice and lives by the motto “por que no los dos?” Gin primarily writes MM and MMF, though she enjoys reading and writing lesbian romance as well.

Gin loves nothing more than the slow-burn that scalds and lives for a character redemption arc. Their novels are always full of tension and heat and often include elements of polyamory and BDSM.

When not at the writing desk, Gin can be found dancing at their pole and circus studio, knitting beside the most perfect cat, watching crime shows and Brit coms with her husband or cooking with friends and partners.

Stay up to date about Gin and the Southern Awakenings series on their website: www.ginvane.com

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