BLOG TOUR: The Nine: Zane by Elle Arroyo (Giveaway + Guest Post)

The Nine: Zane
Elle Arroyo
Published by: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: January 25th 2023
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Paranormal, Romance

Zane is Anunnaki, one of the nine immortals subjugated to walk the earth for eternity while tasked with protecting humankind from the malice. He must bind himself to an heir before the demons secured within his vessel burst free. Except that Zane is not interested in the female chosen for him. Instead, his desire lies in the man he met five years ago and shared an innocent, heartfelt night with. Eric Diaz had left Zane wanting.

Before they force Zane to bind himself with the female, he seeks Eric and shares one night of passion, hoping to satisfy his hunger for the man. But it doesn’t work, and Zane does everything in his power to keep Eric by his side, even risking the human realm and unleashing hell on earth.

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A letter to Zane. Sent before this story begins.


Dear Zane,

I know what you are.
I know what haunts you.
I also know what you hide behind your heart.

Looking past the caged demons you carry inside your vessel to protect this world, past your tether to Lucifer’s eldest who continues to haunt you, past your own stubbornness, I know what has driven you to doubt your future within the Nine.

Your brothers rely on you to lead them, to become patriarch and continue the cycle that will ensure their survival as well as the survival of the human realm. But you are not alone in this plight. And your brothers love you more than you could ever know. The strength of the Nine doesn’t come from the ordered structure built by those that came before you, it doesn’t come from the power to trap the evil of this world. It is in their love for each other.

Strength lies in love.

But know this. Eric Diaz will be the beginning of the fall of the Nine. This man you love will change everything.

The choices you make henceforth will have consequences. And they are yours alone to make.

I have given you all that I can, as the future is not ever fully set.

I would pray for you, but I am afraid of which god would answer so I leave you with this: trust the moose.



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Author Bio:

Elle is the author of Dark Fantasy MM Romance. She writes about alpha males fighting their demons, saving the world, and falling in love. And not necessarily in that order.

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