New Year, New Home

2019 is here! The New Year is also my blog’s birthday. Never Hollowed By The Stare is now 8 years old. I am also now officially on WordPress. Yay!

I started this blog on Tumblr at 2011 then turned it into a book and manga blog at 2016. 

When Tumblr decided to implement their controversial policy and there was mass migration. I don’t like how they handled the NSFW situation and I don’t know if Tumblr would still be around in the long run. I decided to play it safe and move to WordPress. 

I’m still getting used to WP and I’m pissed they don’t have audio plug-ins like Spotify. I have to make do with Youtube. Bummer. 

The links from 2018 and older goes back to my Tumblr account. I’m sorry about that. I’ll be working on fixing them but with years worth of posts, it might take some time so please bear with me. If anybody knows how mass edit links, please help.

I tried to make the blog as close to my Tumblr as possible but I am also planning to do special weekly or monthly posts and try my hand at tags if I can. Let see where this goes for 2019.

Here’s to a better, brighter year!

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