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Gozen Yoji, Sasayaku You Ni – Minazuki Akira

One day, Souichirou met a mysterious guy at bar he frequents. The first thing that guy told him was, “You look like you’re about to die”. Souichirou, however, did not find that the least bit amusing and brushed it off easily. Until his first encounter with danger and then everything started to spiral out of control…

Gozen Yoji, Sasayaku You Ni: Kind of breaks the heart a little bit but then 

When you wake up, won’t you give me a kiss?

Shogahamu Mushi mo Sukisuki +Tsumamigui no Iiwake:  For once, I wished he was a ghost. Or that the kid was really a zashikiwarashi. This has so much potential!


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