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Amakute Tsumetai – Fuyuno Ikuya

Amakute, Tsumetai ? Sweet, yet Cold ? ?????????
Beautiful college student, Yonomori, is secretly enamored by his underclassman,
Hinohara. He’s a really cocky junior, but sometimes, Hinohara touches him as if he were a precious jewel and makes his days full of heart-wrenching hope. And on one of those days, he is shocked to learn that Hinohara has a person he likes. Even while being plagued with hesitation, Yonomori goes to Hinohara to inquire about the identity of that person. But in exchange for an answer, Yonomori is to become…?

Seme is a “mega S bastard”.

Uke is dense.

Sensei needs his own story.


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