Kria: Prisoner – Megan Derr

A man whom all men fear…

General Dieter von Adolwulf has led the Scarlet Army of Kria to victory for the past decade, holding the infamous field known as the Regenbogen against Kria’s hated enemies—the deceptive Illussor and the ruthless Salharans. War has waged between the three nations for longer than anyone can remember, but no one has held the Regenbogen as well as the notorious Wolf of Kria and his fearsome army.

A man who fears nothing…

Returning home at the end of the year, the Scarlet Army is attacked in the dead of night by a single man who manages to kill hundreds before he is finally captured. A Salharan soldier with no name, no purpose but to kill, he refuses to bend to the Wolf who takes him prisoner and forces upon him a despicable Krian name.

A man with nothing to lose…

When the rest of his army is slaughtered by Illussor soldiers desperately seeking his prisoner, Dieter determines to hold fast—both for answers and in revenge for the men he lost. But answers and revenge are hard to come by when surrounded by secrets and treachery, and the man least likely to kill him is the prisoner who most wants him dead.

I started reading the first few chapter but I couldn’t go on. I got lost and couldn’t figure out what was what so this book lingered on my shelf for months. Then I found the audiobook on Youtube and loved the narrator’s voice. Sean Crisden’s voices for most of the main characters were perfect. I think only Iah’s voice was off since he sounded like an old man. 

This is one of the best enemies to lovers stories I have read. I live for Beraht and Dieter. I could listen to them bicker all day. Sol and Iah was kind of meh for me but I like them nonetheless. The female characters are not annoying so yay! Kalan deserves his own story.

The world and the magic of the three countries were equally fascinating. Each country has their own well-defined culture and language. I love the name of the Krian generals (Scarlet, Cobalt, Verdant, Saffron), the curses each nationality  use but I wanted to see Illusor magic. Illusor was probably the less defined of the three.

This is probably a 4.5 stars but I would go ahead and give it a perfect score since I really enjoyed the book and I like the cover art.

5 Stars – absolutely perfect  

(source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11116507-prisoner)


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