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    The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Blackbird in the Reeds – Sam Burns

    Devon Murphy has never believed that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden, but when he’s in an accident on his way to his grandmother’s house and comes face to face with the biggest, baddest wolf he’s ever seen, he’s forced to reconsider.

    When his grandmother asks him to look into a string of suspicious accidents, he finds a much bigger mystery to unravel. From his childhood best friend to the too-attractive Deputy Wade Hunter, everyone in Rowan Harbor seems to have something to hide. Devon has to get to the bottom of it all before the accidents turn deadly.

    Such a beautiful cover! The kind that gives you high hopes but unfortunately, the story didn’t make me feel anything, positive or negative. I wasn’t bored but I wasn’t excited either. There was no one to hate but nobody I warmed up to. The dialogues were funny enough but it wasn’t the laugh out loud kind. The romance was passable but forgettable.This book is the definition of average.

    Blackbird in the Reeds is the first book of the Rowan Harbor Cycle. Devon is a returnee in the small town of Rowan Harbor where everybody is related to every other person and there is a small town fear of outsiders. Devon reacquaints himself with the town folks and meets Maria Leon, a teacher who was considered an outsider by everyone. Maria experienced suspicious accidents and Devon’s gran asks him to investigate. Devon also cross paths with the deputies and when he shook hands with one of then, Wade Hunter, they got zapped by static electricity. Apparently, that was a sign and the way everyone was teasing Devon about it was cheesy but well, that’s what small town folks do.

    Everyone was pleasant and genial enough (except for Helena Mackenzie who was the designated pain in the neck) so I didn’t feel there was much going on in terms of conflict. It’s nice that it’s angst free but it also felt shallow in a way. It added to the mediocrity of the thing that the narration was flat. The voices for the characters were distinct but the person telling the story had almost no emotions. The world building needs some work but there’s a lot of promise. I could only hope the author is able to maximize all that was set in this first book in the succeeding installments. 


    Jesse’s book is next. I’m not sure if I would read it.


    2.5 Stars – far from hate but not quite a like

    Soundtrack: We Want a Rock
    Artist: We Might Be Giants
    Album: Flood

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