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    MANGA: Tsumasaki Ni Kourozu

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    Tsumasaki Ni Kourozu – Aoi Aki

    1-3) Tsumasaki ni Kourozu
    Iwai Arata was recommended by his professor to work part-time under a rather eccentric mycologist, Murota. The mycologist seemed hard to approach at first. But slowly as he got used to Iwai’s presence, he became friendlier in his own way, showing Iwai a whole new world and giving him guidance with life. Though every day was fun and exciting, a sense of unease began to creep into Iwai’s heart

    4) Lingering Light (Tsumasaki ni Kourozu – Extra)

    5) A Fish’s Warmth
    Hirotaka has a secret. When people fall asleep, he sees fishes swimming out of their bodies, wandering and playing, and going back when they awaken. But, the deeper one’s secret is, the more solitary he becomes.

    6) Excursion at Midnight (A Fish’s Warmth – Extra)

    7) August, End of Summer
    When Haruhiko’s grandfather dies, he stays behind in the old house for the memorial service. Left with regrets of lost time, a mysterious boy, and forty nine days in the countryside, Haruhiko finds himself accepting the oddities and discovering a beautiful place.

    8) The Coming of Summer (August, End of Summer – Extra)

    Magical summer tales as soothing and peaceful as sunshowers.

    Tsumasaki Ni Kourozu: Gently paced age-gap romance between a socially awkward professor and his research assistant amidst fascinating illustrations of flora. No magic at all but felt so nonetheless

    A Fish’s Warmth: In a world full of secret fishes, melancholy high schooler opens his heart to friend. Their fishes dance together.

    August, End of Summer: College boy, dead grandfather and a lonely fox spirit. Poignant and enchanting.