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    MANGA: Tonari no Lunch

    Tonari no Lunch – Akahachi

    Delicious food and a hint of love…??A heartwarming gourmet food×mystery×BL!?A remote worker learns that the guy he had a crush on at work is getting married! Heartbroken, but hungry, he ponders what to eat and smells the delicious cooking from the neighbor next door. While trying to place the familiar scent, he vows to recreate the dish himself. He then passes by a good looking guy at his apartment. What is this mysterious dish, and who could the handsome stranger be?

    The Neighbor’s Lunch is a super adorable and wonderfully wholesome one-shot about mysterious neighbors, secrets crushes and delicious food.

    Without giving too much away lest I spoil the fun, the story spins an intriguing little mystery, a lonely young man’s gastronomic adventure and the cutest meet-cute I’ve seen in while. That’s all I’m going to say here because you need to read this ASAP!!!

    This little gem is comfort food for the soul! It deserves a full volume at the very least!

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