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    This post was inspired by the Top Ten Tuesday Tag on Extraordinary Book Titles because some manga titles could be pure WTF?!

    The Wize Wize Beasts Of The Wizarding Wizdoms

    Weird alliterative title goes perfectly well with weird were-animals studying to be wizards.

    Hoppe Ni Himawari (Sunflower On Your Cheeks)

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    A cute story of a chubby boy who loves gardening and the baseball player who loves him.

    Mitsumete, Yurarete, 15-bu (15 minutes, watching you, shaking)

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    Involves intense staring through the glass because train conductor was all shook up at seeing the love of his life

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

    A very summery age-gap love story with grown up vibes.

    Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya De (Midnight Feeding in that Room)

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    I guess that explains the title.

    Gozen Yoji, Sasayaku You Ni (Whispering at 4am)

    It’s one of those ghostly love affairs that always breaks your heart.


    My first impression was that it’s about futuristic time travel but no. It’s really about dealing with the past.

    Koi No Senryaku Management (Strategic Management of the Love )

    A very cute gay-for-you romance about salarymen.

    Taka to Tonbi to Aburaage (The Falcon, the Kite, and the Deep-Fried Tofu )

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    Who’s who and why, I have no idea. Adorable schoolboy romance.


    Also absolutely no idea about the nonsensical title but this one-shot had me LOLing.

    Mo’Some Sting

    Could be a pun or a reference to something obscure. I liked this girl-centric BL story.

    I Love You, Black Coffee

    Because of the cafe setting?

    More charming atypical BL stories from the author of Mo’Some Sting, Tomoko Yamashita.

    Chishiryoubun no Ai o Komete (Insert a Lethal Dose of Love)

    Nothing so literal as the title page. It’s really about a guy who didn’t know he was gay until he found The One.


    labradorescence. : a play of colors or colored reflections exhibited especially by labradorite and caused by internal structures that selectively reflect only certain colors.

    Something the MC mentioned that was relevant at some point.

    Realist ni Yoru Romanticism (Romanticism by the Realist)

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    A riff on the rich man x poor man trope made popular by Junjou Romantica

    Irony Dress ni Sayonara (Goodbye to Irony Dress)

    A beautifully executed story about a cross-dressing boy and his older boyfriend.

    Hope you enjoyed this! My favorite is the first one. Try saying it 5 times fast. What are your favorite extraordinary titles?

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    MANGA: The Wize Wize Beasts Of The Wizarding Wizdoms

    The Wize Wize Beasts Of The Wizarding Wizdoms – Nagabe

    Deep in the forest lies a mysterious school of magic: Wizdoms, an institution attended by beastmen of all kinds. These studious fantasy creatures have come to live, learn, and perhaps even fall in love in this enchanting space. In this collection of BL stories by master mangaka Nagabe, follow the beauty and surprising humor of magical beasts with human hearts.

    A mixbag of humorous inter-specie love affairs featuring, IMHO, slightly disturbing anthropomorphic animals.

    Alan & Eddington: The Gifted & The Average: Hare pining for Cat concocts a love potion but flubs the forgetting spell. So Cat remembered every dirty little secret Hare confessed. Hare wished the ground would swallow him up while I died of second hand embarrassment.

    Florio & Nicol: The Hunter & The Hunted: Always sleepy Wolf uses Goat as pillow. Leaves bitemarks afterwards. Goat is nervous, annoyed but also a little…exhilarated? Hmm…

    Fermat & Emil: The Teacher & The Pupil: Prof Dragon tutors young Dragon on the finer points of mathematics. Young Dragon gets adorably shy and squirmy, Prof Dragon feels unexplained feelings. Proceeds to do complicated calculations. Whatever it is, all I got was pedo vibes.

    Marley & Collette: The Cold-Blooded & The Warm-Blooded: Serious winter co-dependence business between roommates Deer and Lizard. Took very good advantage of cuddle weather. Let’s hope Deer gets his spring.

    Doug & Huey: Courtship & Friendship: Crow stakes claims on the oblivious and ever optimistic Peacock desperate to get a girlfriend by secretly telling everyone Peacock has a girlfriend. Funny with sinister undertones.

    Allhoff & Carreras: Food & Games: Mischief loving Vampire Bats share blood through mouth-to-mouth transfer learn a new way of playing with their mouths. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past the image of regurgitated food.

    Cromwell & Benjamin: The Good Talker & The Good Listener: Quiet faculty staff Unicorn, shunned by his tribe for being gay, is the go to demi-human for those needing an ear for their problems. Prof Griffin is his regular visitor. One day, Griffin notices Unicorn is in a subdued mood and tells him it’s his turn to listen. But is Unicorn ready to talk? Soft and sweet. My favorite.

    Mauchly & Charles: Beast & Man: Bear and Human form a friendship after Bear rescues lost Human. Human feeds Bear blueberry pie. Bear teaches Human the art of doing nothing. Had floofy heart-to-heart talks on freckles and markings. Another favorite.