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    MANGA: The Prince of Happiness

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    The Prince of Happiness – Tanaka Suzuki

    When humans are at their happiest moments they emit an aura that is delicious for certain fairies. This story is about a guy who has a fairy follow him around because he will soon emit that aura and the fairy wants to eat it…but all this guy encounters is one-sided love or failed relationships, is he really ever going to emit that aura?

    Yakuza-looking fairies and meh humans annoy each other in this humorous collection by Tanaka Suzuki.

    The Awakening of Happiness+Prince of Happiness: The main story featuring a closeted jr high school student who can’t confessed his feeling to his best friend who came out to him. Finally found his true love 18 years after. I’m glad they found true happiness but that bittersweet ending!

    Fairies are Always Hungry: A sweet fairy+human romance. The fairy was adorbs. The human was a mess.

    Fairies are Lover Sprinklers: A cute fairy+fairy romance with shoujo vibes. I hope the humans they’re looking after realize their feelings for each other.