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    MANGA: Tengu no Shiwaza

    Tengu no Shiwaza – Kanon Chihiro

    The goal of naïve high school student, Midori, is to get rid of his virginity! However, he must unexpectedly spend his last summer vacation of high school at his father’s family shrine, ruining his summer plans!! One day, whilst bored at the shrine, he decided to have sex with a tengu mask he found. Things were going great until the magic seal broke, and the real tengu appeared…!!

    Tengu’s Tricks is one high schooler, determined to lose his virginity, decided to get creative with a long-nosed tengu mask. In the middle of which, the nose broke off, the tengu himself appeared, and the nose got stuck inside the boy. Without his nose, the tengu loses some of his powers. In order to get his nose back, he had to get creative with the boy.

    The two idiots spent a lot of time getting the nose back. There were other more ceremonial attempts, such as one performed by Midori’s older cousin, the temple guardian Sou, the only sensible character here and who I think should have his own manga. The man is a looker!

    There were some cringe moments, like Midori’s ancestor was also the tengu’s lover. The cringest one was the nose fucking from the tengu, which was gross because can you imagine the smell?!

    Tengu masks are probably some of the earliest sex toys, cuz I’ve seen some old-timey art showing women strapping them on and doing the deed. Using it on a BL manga is a novel-to-me approach. Anyway, this was a riot!

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