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    Suki ni Nattara 10 made Kazoero – Takaido Akemi

    A collection of oneshots, the main story features Yoshi Kagami From the Prince Charming series, and an appearance by hypochondriac Chihana from 35 Degrees of Love.
    1-3 and extras) A college student locked out of his apartment finds out about the sleep disorder of his salaryman neighbor.
    4) The charismatic chief’s beautiful bentos must be made with love. But whose?
    5) Can the company president’s private secretary keep his cool when the president’s son needs a place to stay?
    6) A young man inherits a house, and a garden that reminds him of his lost love.

    Count Up to 10 When You Fall In Love + 

    The Man Who Missed Out on Happiness: Slow-paced story peopled with nice characters and one asshole. With soft, calm atmosphere but also kind of blah. 

    A Gentleman’s Accomplishment: Young salaryman is crushing hard on ikemen chief. Discovers his unlikely hobbies and now has to put up with it. Chief is a keeper, that’s for sure.

    The Lips of an Adult: Petulant teen with a penchant for eavesdropping secretly carries on with his dad’s private secretary. Slowly learns the ways of adults. Let’s hope nobody loses their job when dad finds out.

    No Flowers in the February Forest: Poignant story of love and the language of flowers. The best oneshot of the collection.

    (source: http://mangakakalot.com)