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    Kamatte Hoshii no? – Suzukura Hal

    A freshman in college, Amano, is taken a liking by a mysterious senpai, Kamishiro, who raises chicks. When Kamishiro hugs him out of nowhere in their first meeting, he thinks this senpai is crazy, but as he spends more time with him he sees how kind he is. But one day, while Amano is playing with the chicks, Kamishiro kisses him out of nowhere! An airheaded research student and a kuudere freshman’s love story.

    A bunch of trite sempai stories on the theme of “want my attention?”

    Want my attention?: baseless insta-love 

    I Can’t Hate You: Has this Ashio-sempai nothing to do all day than hang around Ryouta’s apartment?!

    I Can’t Say No to Your Hands: Your usual friends-to-lovers trope. The best story in the collection

    You Can’t Do It Alone:  Ok, so we all fail at adulting sometimes, but what are the odds of getting a boyfriend because of a messy apartment?

    From Morning to Night: cliche AF

    The Two of Us Together: cutesy shit 1

    Do You Want To Play?: cutesy shit 2

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