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    MANGA: Spoon ga Magattara

     Spoon ga Magattara – Yuukura Aki

    Tomoki Hoshiko is a troubled student who others steer clear of. Hidaka Asai, on the other hand, is the top student in the school, but his quiet bookishness hasn’t made him any friends, either… After the two of them get teleported away from school by accident, Hidaka confesses that he has powers to Tomoki. Why did he tell him his secret? Maybe Hidaka is the only one who knows Tomoki’s true nature… Check out this super power love story!

    Bending The Spoon is a ridiculously floofy story of a straight A student with psychic powers who became friends with the notorious delinquent.

    The two came together when a bored Tomoki threw a ball that accidentally hit the window just as Hidaka was passing by. In a flash, they teleported to the next town over. Hidaka then confessed he had psychic abilities. He willingly told Tomoki because he knew nobody would believe the other boy if he spilled his secret.

    Hidaka mostly keeps to himself and deliberately tries to live an uneventful life so he wouldn’t trigger his powers. He has an over-protective dad who set up all these rules so that Hidaka doesn’t hurt himself or others. As a result, he end up missing out on basic stuff such how to ride a bus or going to the beach.

    Tomoki is the despair of his teachers. He intimidates most of his classmates. As the story progressed, we see his naturally caring side coming out. I loved how he looked after Hidaka almost by instinct.

    This is a slow-burn, friends to lover romance. I loved the pure, gentle atmosphere and those magical doki-doki moments of young hearts falling in love for the first time.

    Stories about bad boys with heart of gold is catnip to me, especially when it is told from their perspective. So I really enjoyed that the manga is mostly from Tomoki’s POV. We also get parts of Hidaka’s POV.

    This dual perspective worked really well in that sleepover scene where Tomoki started counting sheep really hard because he thought Hidaka might be able to read his thoughts. Meanwhile, Hidaka goes I wish I knew what he was thinking. Kyaa~! ♡ (๑→‿ฺ←๑) ♡

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