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    MANGA: Shitsuke ga Nattenai

    Shitsuke ga Nattenai – Ueda Niku

    One night, Kazuho, a hotel worker who possesses a rare blood-sucking constitution, helps a drunk man he found lying on the side of the street by giving him a place to spend the night. The next day, instead of waking up to the man he brought back to his apartment, Kazuho unexpectedly finds a dog sleeping in his bed!

    Roughly translates to Lack of Discipline, the manga’s fangy cover promised all kinds of fangy moeness.

    I was very disappointed to learn, it wasn’t to be. There were hardly any fangs on displays. A missed opportunity especially since it paired a reluctant vampire with a fluffy dog shifter.

    This is a forced proximity, forced-feeding romance set in a world where people either have vampire genes, animal shifter constitutions, and on rare occasions, spirits. The story quickly lost me when it dwelled too long on the two characters discussing vampire and shifter constitutions, and healthy diets. The manga had too much dialogue that was uninteresting. I skimmed, hoping it would get better once the romance sparked. No such luck. A complete blah, all in all.

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